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  1. 1. What is Problem Behavior? Definition is related to your philosophy about teaching and learning Definition from effective managers
  2. 2. To ignore or not to Ignore? Effective managers ignore very little Respond in kind to problem behaviors Minor problem Major problem but limited in scope and effects Escalating or spreading problem
  3. 3. Minor behavior problem Goal: Do not interrupt the pace of the class, instruction, or give undue attention (power) to the student. Non-verbal cues Pick up the pace Refocusing techniques Redirecting techniques Issue a desist Give a viable choice
  4. 4. Moderate behavior problem Caution: these interventions can lead to student resistance and power struggles. Make a privilege contingent on desirable behavior Time out Logical consequence One-on-one time
  5. 5. Major behavior problem Ascertain the root of the problem 5-step intervention procedure Reality therapy Peer mediation/conflict resolution
  6. 6. Teacher Hot Buttons Tattling Chronic avoidance of work Fighting/Bullying Disrespect/Defiance toward the teacher
  7. 7. Reminders Keep your goal in mind Be proactive Stay positive Stay calm Use appropriate levels of management Ask why Know your students and build a relationship with them
  8. 8. Questions?