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Deskripsi: Mata pelajaran ini membahas komponen keterampilan menulis dalam bahasa Inggris di berbagai konteks kehidupan. Pokok bahasan setiap unit terdiri dari mendeskripsikan hewan dan orang.Skill: WritingKompetensi Dasar: 1. Siswa mampu mendeskripsikan hewan dan orang dalam bahasa Inggris.2. Siswa mampu membuat teks deskripsi.Grade : 2nd grade of Junior High SchoolSTORY BOARDUnit 1 : Describe animals and people.No. KDAktivitasTeks/PresentasiGambarVideoTes/ Quiz/ TugasSilabus/ KalenderLink: URLGlossaryIntructional Method

1.Describing animals and peopleDescribe People: My Best Friend Andre is my best friend. He is a student in SMPN 2 Lubuk Alung. He is in grade VIII. He comes from Jakarta. His parents still in Jakarta. He stays in his grandmothers house in Bogor. Andre is kind and funny. He always make us happy. He has short straight hair, round face, and flat nose. He always wear a glasses. His hobby is eating. Thats why he is so fat. His favorite foods is fried chicken.Describe Animal:1. Crocodile This s crocodile. It has sharp tusk, it life in the marsh. It eat another animal. It is wild animal. We can find in the zoo or concervation. It has skin hard. It has sharp claw.2. Butterfly This is butterfly. It is look so beautiful with kind of colour. We can find at flower park. The butterfly has antena on its head. It has beautiful wing. It always compute honney in top flower. It life in good smell place, and it many kind of colour wing.

--Quiz1 MingguBuku Rings a Bell. Yuli Rulani Khatimah, Asep Gunawan, dan Siti Wachidah. short straight hair round face flat nose wing compute honey smell sharp tusk wild animal concervation skin hard sharp clawGallery Walk Technique

2. Make a descriptive text1. Definition of Descriptive TextDescriptive text is a kind of text which describes particular thing, animal, person, or others.2. Social Function of Descriptive TextThe specific function of descriptive text is to give description about an object (human or non-human)3. The Generic Structure of Descriptive TextGeneric structure are the special characteristic of language in the text. The generic structure of descriptive text are as follow:a. IdentificationIt is part of paragraph which introduces or identifies the character to be described. It can be called general description of the subject. Usually it contains objects name, kind of the object, etc.b. DescriptionIt is part of paragraph which describes parts and characteristics of the person or something that will be described in detail, so the readers can get clear description of the subject

--Tugas1 MingguBuku Rings a Bell. Yuli Rulani Khatimah, Asep Gunawan, dan Siti Wachidah.Gallery Walk Technique