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Jack Garcia Ace Conference 2013 Austin, Texas


  • 1. Jack Garcia

2. Graduate from San Benito CISD / UTPA Edinburg History Major ; Criminal Justice Minor Masters work in Public Policy and Management - UT Brownsville Teaching experience with special needs students and coaching Worked as a Juvenile Probation Officer Worked for San Antonio Police Dept. After School Program Site Coordinator --- August 1999 After School Program DirectorAugust 2003 Former City Commissioner & Mayor of San Benito 3. Breaking the Barrier Soft Money Theory Plan of action for Sustainability and Supplement Funding Preparing to deal with Administration and School Board Putting the plan into action based on your needs 4. Help Economically Disadvantaged Students Must align with Campus Needs Assessment Meets the needs of the students Is it reasonable and necessary objectives To assist student in a subject area of need Title I funds should be used for Instruction Only 5. Contract Key: Subject Description Math Critical Thinking Math Skills Reading Academic Literacy & Thinking Skills in Reading Recreation/ Kids Health Wellness & Educational Courses on Kids Wellness Healthy Choices Fine Arts Literacy Assessments to Enhance Technology Applications Science Exploration with Hands on Strategies in Science Social Studies Implementing Foundation Building in History & Geography 6. Purchase Order Timesheet 7. Contract Student Roster 8. Good Site Coordinators bring value to your program Experience Quality Programming 9. Showcase Data Students Parents 10. Superintendents Meeting What kind of documentation should you have for this meeting ? How will you sell sustainability and supplement funding to the superintendent ? 11. Examples of Proposals: Site Coordinators $12/hr *Hourly* Site Coordinators $10/hr *Non District Consultants Staff / Director *Percentaged out All staff *Decrease calendar days A B C D Site Coordinators *1/2 Salary 1/2 Hourly E 12. School Board Meeting Presentation What kind of documentation should you have for this meeting ? What kind of questions should you prepare yourself to answer in front of the school board, public, and administration ? 13. Examples for Board Members: Students Served - 2,000 Adults Served - 530 DATA Equation: Total Amount of Funding Requested Total Amount of Students Served = (Cost per Student) .. $200,000 / 2,000 = $100 cost per student Example: Finance Committee Board Meeting 14. Interview 15. Outline Plan for Sustainability / Supplement funding Sustainability & Supplement Funding Plan should start Year 2 of a Five Year Grant. Supplement Funding should occur first Network with Staff and Administration (ideas) Program Assignment (your needs) 16. Comments / Questions