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  • ANYONE CAN SPEAK ENGLISHJalan Tebet Timur Dalam 6 no. 9A Jakarta Selatan, Tebet12820 Jakarta, IndonesiaTel: +6221 837 05 955 Website:

    In collaboration with:Prepared by: Fella Boudjema, English lecturer at ILC

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    Modular teaching plan


    Modular teaching plan

    Reading module25

    writing module25

    listening module25

    speaking module25

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  • Tactic 1:Practice writing on a keyboardBuild up your vocabulary range by reading dailyUse the vocabulary learnt while talking and writingLearn the linking words and use them every time you have an essay Be time effective with the 2 tasks (the first for 20 mn, the second for 40mn)TOEFL: Writing Module

  • Tactic 2:Allow 5 mn to proofread your writingUse the marking system provided for self-assessmentDrill for at least 15 mn a day writing in any kind of interesting topic. Learn the structuring and paragraphing layoutTOEFL: Writing Module