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  • Railway Engineering

    Supervisor: Dr.monajem

    Researcher: Amirmasoud Taghavi

    KNTU university of technology

  • KNTU university of technology

  • With over 200 years of innovation and improvement,

    train industry managed to grow from its simple steam

    engine years to the modern enviroment where train

    networks encompass entire planet Earth.


    The fastest train in the world

    Shanghai-magnetic train

  • Comparison different types of transportation

    Costs and Safety

  • KNTU university of technology

  • Green house gases It is clear from Figure that the key challenge to reducing GHG

    emissions from freight transportation is to reduce the amount of

    emissions from truck transport. At a high level, there are two ways to

    accomplish this goal: reduce GHG emissions from trucks or shift more

    freight transport to less GHG-intensive forms of transport such as rail.

    Modern railways are a green transport alternative when their

    infrastructure and trains are heavily utilized.

    KNTU university of technology

  • Whats the best way to travel?

    KNTU university of technology

  • Development of railways in America through out the


    The first American transcontinental railroad was built in 1869.

    KNTU university of technology

  • With the development of this railroad, goods from the

    international and national ports could easily travel to the

    plains and across the country to California. While back then,

    the stops were limited, today, there are hundreds of cities to

    travel to in the Northeast alone.

    New, modern, trains contain cafes, WIFI, and even

    sleeping cabins for overnight travel and Comfortable

    seating KNTU university of technology

  • Local trains are also available in the bigger cities, such

    as the MTA trains in New York City.

    MTA trains in New York City

    New York

    subway opened

    111 years ago

    and is now the

    largest subway

    system in North

    America bears.

  • New York subway routes so broad that if they burst, we

    will cover the distance between New York and

    Chicago. With 21 routes and 468 stations,

    approximately 1.7 billion people will travel with this


  • Take the best urban metros of world Transport for London's

    underground system, the

    oldest in the world. The

    system was established

    in 1863 and The first

    electric line in enabled

    in 1905 . Trains move

    between 207 stations

    have an approximate

    speed of 20 miles per


  • 2.4 billion people annually visit the Moscow metro that

    this issue makes it the Europe's busiest subway system.

    KNTU university of technology

  • Moscow Metro

    stations decorated

    by marble, bronze

    statues and luxury

    chandeliers, is one

    of the finest and

    most artistic

    specimens in the


  • KNTU university of technology

  • Metro Stockholm, Sweden, with over 68 Miles and having

    statues, paintings and other beautiful design and

    masterfully performed by more than 150 artists, is the

    world's longest art exhibition.

    KNTU university of technology

  • Metro Stockholm-The longest art gallery

  • KNTU university of technology

  • Athens metro builders in 1992 when they began their

    work, they are in fact doing the largest archaeological dig

    carried out the modern city. During the excavation, more

    than 50 thousand historical pieces from the category of

    classical Greek, Byzantine and Roman was discovered.

    some parts of metro stations in Athens today have been

    shown them to the public.

    KNTU university of technology

  • Seoul Metro, With some luxury amenities such as seat

    heating and TV screens showing advertisements and

    news has many fans in the world,

    KNTU university of technology

  • In Naples, Italy, the Metro is much more than the usual transit

    points. These art-station a project of the city government created to

    make public transport more attractive centers. The station operates

    on the internationally recognized architects who have created more

    than 180 works of art. Naples subway turned into a real museum,

    where the passengers and want to stay, even in rush hour.

    KNTU university of technology

  • Napl University metro station

  • KNTU university of technology

  • Definition of Station

    Railway station is an arrangement of lines, buildings and

    equipment in order to achieve the following objectives and


    Turn off the trains, Transistation of trains, Overtaking of express trains

    from slow trains

    Isolation and picking wagons when it needed

    Providing welfare services to passengers

    Loading and unloading goods, Handling luggage, Storage of consumer,

    commercial and industrial goods

    Service and repair of locomotives and wagons


    Another definition:

    A railway station or a railroad station and often shortened to just

    station, is a railway facility where trains regularly stop to load or

    unload passengers or freight.

    KNTU university of technology

  • Buying of tickets.

    Loading/unloading of goods.

    Passenger movements.

    Vendors selling his food items.

    Arrival & departure of trains.

    Cleaning of trains.

    Fueling and repair of engines.

    Checking of tickets.

    Passengers approaching to catch


    Other amenities utilization.

    Activities in Station

  • Public requirement

    Include booking office, platforms, drinking water, ...

    Traffic requirement

    includes arrangement of various counters, signals control, platforms

    for goods.

    Locomotive department

    includes fuels and water supply, cleaning of locomotive, repairing.

    General requirement

    includes proper approach, clocks, coolies, foot-bridges.


    KNTU university of technology

  • KNTU university of technology

  • The world's most spectacular railway


    Paddington Station, London, in 1926-1927

    The train shed was

    designed by Isambard

    Kingdom Brunel and

    was the first of its kind.

  • Grand Central Terminal,

    New York, was built in the

    year 1903-1913

    It has been used as a

    backdrop in a number of

    Hollywood flicks namely

    Men in Black, 80 days

    around world, Bad Boys,

    and The Godfather.

  • KNTU university of technology

  • This photo taken in 1930

    KNTU university of technology

  • St Pancras train station has

    been named as one of the

    most romantic spots in the


  • This is one of the most

    iconic buildings in London

    and a beautiful example

    of Victorian architecture.

    It was first opened in

    1868 as the southern

    terminus connecting

    London with the East

    Midlands and Yorkshire.

    When it opened, the

    arched Barlow train shed

    was the largest single span

    roof in the world

  • St Pancras railway station bomb damage in May 1941

  • the world's busiest transport hub

    Shinjuku Station in Tokyo

    KNTU university of technology

  • It might not be the most

    aesthetically pleasing

    train station, but

    Shinjuku makes our list

    for logistical reasons.

    Around 3.5 million

    people use it each day,

    making it the world's

    busiest transport hub.

    There are 36 platforms

    and over 200 exits.

  • Estacao de Sao Bento, Porto,

    opened in 1916

    The most notable feature in

    Porto's Sao Bento Station are

    the wonderful tile panels

    depicting scenes from

    Portuguese history. They are

    the work of Jorge Colaco, and

    show events including the

    Battle of Valdevez and the

    Conquest of Ceuta.

  • Tanggula Mountain Railway Station, Tibet

  • At 5,068m above sea level

    Tanggula is the world's

    highest train station. It is

    found on the Qingzang

    railway line which runs

    from Qinghai to Lhasa, in


  • Helsinki Central, Finland

    One of the Finnish capital's most

    recognisable landmarks, Helsinki

    Central is known for its granite

    cladding, clock tower and for the

    two pairs of statues that dominate

    its facade. It opened in 1862 and

    around 200,000 passengers use it

    every day.

  • The futuristic station

    at Kanazawa, in

    Japan's Ishikawa

    Province, is entirely

    elevated and covered

    by a large roof. The

    Tsuzumi Gate, built in

    2005, dominates.

    Inside is a large

    shopping mall and

    seven platforms.

  • Union Station, Chicago

    KNTU university of technology

  • This is a major hub for inter-city trains

    in America, and even if you are just

    passing through Chicago by rail you

    will need to stop at this vast station. It

    is mostly underground, covering

    around nine and a half blocks of the

    city. T