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2 factors affecting tourism

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  • 1.2. Factors affecting Tourism How does the nature of tourism vary from place to place?

2. By the end of this lesson You should be able to: 1. Explain why tourist activities are different at different places 2. Discuss the roles of different groups in promoting tourism 3. Can you remember 10 different types of tourism? 4. How and why do tourism destinations differ from one another? Places of scenic beauty Places with good facilities Paces with rich culture Places of conflicts Space tourism 4 5. Text page 5 5 6. Learning Points Tourism is place-specific Different environments (both physical and human) in tourism destinations create diverse opportunities for tourist activities Presence of requisites for each type of tourism 7. Disneyland Singapore The Walt Disney company is planning to build Disneyland Singapore in June 2014. 7 8. Round 1: Convince us that your group is the best choice to promote Disneyland Round 2 : Explain why other groups will not be so suitable to promote Disneyland Round 3 : Open debate by any groups to add other points8 9. Text page 20-239 10. Homework : Text page 24 question 2 & 3 ( 4m each)10

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