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Proudly Presented by Hedgehogs

Catch Me If You Can : A Social Game

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Catch Me If You Can is a free to play social game you can enjoy at facebook. This document illustrates how to play Catch Me If You Can in a big picture.

Text of Catch Me If You Can : A Social Game

  • Proudly Presented by Hedgehogs
  • Remember those days playing hide and seek with your friends? NOW,
  • You can do it online at facebook with Catch Me If You Can!
  • Lets Play!
  • USER INTERFACE Choose a Character (Ready & Start) Before Choosing Character After Choosing Character
  • USER INTERFACE Stay at City (Run away or Chase) Earn Money Observe Chaser Earn Money Track Down the Fugitive
  • USER INTERFACE Movement (Run away or Chase) World Map Choose a vehicle Moving 01 / 02 / 03 /
  • USER INTERFACE Game Over Fugitive succeed Chaser Failed in Arresting the Fugitive
  • USER INTERFACE Game Over Chaser succeed Fugitive failed
  • WORLD MAP 20 Countries, 20 Cities New York / USA Korea / Seoul Rio de Janeiro / Brazil China / Beijing Cusco / Peru Japan / Tokyo Toronto / Canada Thailand / Bangkok Paris / France India / Agra London / UK Tanzania / Arusha Rome / Italy Egypt / Cairo Madrid / Spain Russia / Moscow Berlin / Germany Finland / Helsinki Sydney / Australia UAE / Dubai
  • VEHICLE Airplane, Ship and Train Vehicles Reflecting the Real World Maximum 1 hours Moving from City to City Transportation Requires Cash Play Mini Game during Movement
  • CITY MAP City Info, Landmark, Mini Games and Witnesses Landmark Witness Mini Game
  • EARN MONEY By Doing Mini Games Zoo Car Wash Museum Gas Station Parking Lot Library
  • only Chaser GATHER EVIDENCE See Witnesses in Each City Quiz Related with the Spot I saw the person asked Clue to the about the exchange rate Fugitives for Ruble. Hideout
  • only Chaser GATHER EVIDENCE If You are Arriving at a City Fugitive has never been Nobody seemed to be the person youre talking about.
  • only Fugitive OBSERVE CHASER Guess How Close Chasers are approaching L********** sent you $10 because of wrong answer to a quiz. L********** has got a clue to your hideout. Run immediately! L********** started to chase you.
  • ESCAPE CATCH or Moment Of Truth : When Fugitive met Chaser
  • ESCAPE CATCH or Moment Of Truth : When Fugitive met Chaser
  • HEDGEHOGS IS Hedgehogs is a Creator of a Free to Play Social Game, Catch Me If You Can on Facebook. The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing. - Isaiah Berlin in The Hedgehog and the Fox [email protected] Contact Us 4hedgehogs.wordpress.com