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Handong Zhu (CC China Mainland) 발표자료

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  • 1. REMIX & SHARE the Collaborative Creations in Chinese Contemporary Art and CCs Culture of Share Presented by: ZHU Handong, Project manager of CC China Mainland, artist YANG Fei, Project member of CC China Mainland Share, Remix, Reuse Legally Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that increases sharing and improves collaboration.

2. http://www.flickr.com/photos/monkeyc I. An Interpretation to Remix and Share II. The Origin of Combines of Art III. Case Study: 4 Remix & Share Projects IV. Chinese Artist Creative Commoners V. Art Promotion Program of CC China Mainland 3. I. An Interpretation to Remix & Share

  • Remix in Chinese Language
  • Remix in Chinese Classic Poetry

The Flowerby CHEN Youtong New Media Artwork: Device (Microorganism)BY-NC-ND 4.

  • With the development of communication technology, acquiring materials is becoming much more easier through the Internet. Artists are benefited in taking resources from a more abundant material bank. However, barriers are set thereto by the traditional copyright rule of all rights reserved.
  • Creative Commons, the global sharing movement calls for Share, Remix, Reuse Legally, trying to resolve the contradiction between information distribution and acquisition, and to realize a positive interaction between creation and distribution.


  • In artistic creations, remix is first of all based on granting.
  • Share, a conduct of actively granting, is actually an exchange offered by the author in order to harvest more legally available materials for his own creation.
  • In the field of art, there are phenomenon like remix, share, cross-border and collaborative creations; those which are characterized by the mutual integration and mutual learning features of cyber culture, have well demonstrated the connotation of share economy.

New Media artwork device The Present: Scent from his Body 6. II. The Origin of Combines of Art Retroactive I by R. Rauschenberg Signs byR. Rauschenberg Robert Rauschenberg, the famous American artists has developed the art of combines back in 1950s: there has been hundreds of tons of trash disposed in Manhattan. And Rauschenberg took whatever he believed to have the least of value as his material of work chipboard, pitch, tins & cans, and even stones. So theses trash are assembled to his paintings, applied with multiple color. Furthermore, cut & paste, stitching, and even drawing, spray-painting, random assembling... and Rauschenberg refers to this art as Combines. This had profound impact to our Chinese artists. 7.

  • 85 New Wave Fine Arts movement. A great many of Chinese artists took this approach of Combines and remix. And remix is known to more Chinese thanks to the music circle where audio remix is much more widely distributed. And thanks to the internet of the last ten years, a batch of new media artists, who are the earliest cyber artists in China, started to develop collaborative works through the internet.

Cultrual Animalby XU Bing 8. III. Case Study: 4 Remix & Share Project

  • Nemesis Project, 2001
  • Curator: LI Zhenghua

Curator ofNemesisProject Participating Artists: QIU Zhijie, LIU Wei, ZHANG Hui, Wuershan, SHI Qing, WANG Wei 9. The Three Dominionby WANG Wei Hangingby QIU Zhijie The GAMEby LIU Wei 10. SHI Qing ZHANG Hui Wuershan 11.

  • Handmade Photo Project by LIN Shu
  • The Handmade Photo Project, which I started in 2006, is an activity of photographers passing albums through each other to attach their photos. From 2006 to now, there have been 39 photographers posted their works. Participating photographers are: Lin Shu, Chen Guangqian, Zhao Lei, Beifeng, Dong Pan, Ma Ti, No.223, Zhu Zi, Qingtouyi, Jiang Pengyi, Wang Bin, Ma Liang, Tang Ting, Feng Li, Yu Lei, Gao Yuan, Jin Hua, Ma Da, Xu Ziyu, Stan, Lin Miaona, Mu Ge, Xie Lu, Yang Hongxun, Qiu, Cai Weidong, Wang Jianxin, Zhang Jungang, Zhuang Yan, Zeng Xiaoyan, Li Si'en, Hao Shiming, Mou, Zhu Mo, Ge Lei, Su Wen, Pan Yuchuan, Xiaonan, Zhang Yuang


  • is the title of this globe-spanning expedition underway until Sept 5, 2009. But this wont entail any physical travel; the mode of transportation will be satellite hook-up and fiber optic cable, and the stops along the way will be 20 locations, each one of which stands for a theme of crucial importance to our future.

80+1 A Journey Around the World 13. Dominion of Water: The Three GorgesSecond Life (by-nc-sa) The Calm Three Gorges A chronicle of the changes in rural life, culture and landscape since the initiation of the Three Gorges Project. (by-nc-sa) The Three Gorges of the Future Interactive Art Project: Virtual World and Real Life Artist: Zhu Handong 14. Citizens, students and artists ofLinz , Second Life citizens all over the world and the Three Gorges residents actively participated in this project. 15. IV. Chinese Artist Creative Commoners

  • The first ever contemporary artist using CCL: CAO Fei
  • CAO Fei, born in 1978 in Guangzhou, one of the most internationally famed Chinese contemporary artists, is among the earliest renowned Creative Commoner artists in China. From year 2000, she started to gain a significant position by a series of exquisite works including San Yuan Li Project, Cosplayers, HiP Hop Guangzhou, Hip Hop Fukuoka, Hip Hop New York, PRD Anti-Heroes, Father and Whose Utopia. From 2007 she started to create I. Mirror and RMB City based on Second Life, an online 3D virtual world. Those works have received international recognition, being praised as epics describing the digital era.

I, Mirror (video work) RMB City 16.

  • YAN Jun,music commentator, writer, poet and audio artist.
  • One major promoter of underground Rock & Roll in Chinas 1990s. A experimental music and audio art composer. He released his blog and many works under CCL, and facilitated the publish of first ever experimental music CD: Noise is Free Mini Midi 2008, under CCL.

2008 2009 17. V. Art Promotion Program of CC China Mainland The 1st CC Photography Contest 2007 at National Library of China 18. "Focus on China- An Exhibition of CC licensed Photographs of China". July 2008, Japan iSummit08 19. The 2 ndCC Licensed Photography Contest Sports & Share 2008Cannon Communication Space Sports and Share, the 2nd CC Photography Contest 2008 was held on October 1st, 2008. It has received enthusiastic responses from professional photographers, photo-journalists, photography fans and net users, who have submitted more than 3000 works within just a 2 months' period. 20. The 1st Large-Scale CC Contemporary Art Exhibition Remix and Share Open at 798 Art Zone 21. Remix and Share Cross-Domain Forum 22.

  • Still more projects coming for CC China Mainland Art Promotion Program...

CCChina Mainlandhttp://cn.creativecommons.org