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  • 1. Centre StageThe new leading edge dance magazBy Jess

2. My briefYou have been commissioned by the Northern Echo to produce a new magazine or newspaper product. Your product could be in any style or genre but it Must be self financed through sales or advertising. You must also produce your magazine for a specified audience segment within the 16-25 age group. 3. How I have met the briefGenerated the same high quality in my magazine that the Northern Echos clients expectThere is a gap in the UK market for a youthful and fun dance mag rather than old and boring one which focuses on one style only.Generates all profits through self financing advertising and salesThe target audience I have selected is ABC1 and 1620 years old. represented through the sophisticated theme.Doesn'tt provide any limitations in terms of styles.Played on the new found trend of teenagers and young adults wanting to get involved in the dance/performing arts industry. 4. But Why pick dance?Due to having an interest, I read dance magazines and therefore know what to expect and also what is missing from existing magazines.I have 13 years of dance experience, so have good experience. Have a genuine interest and therefore enjoy writing about dance, this will be reflected in my work.I am my target audience, so I can cater for their needs much better than other people could.Many of the contacts I need within my magazine I already know, so will be dependable and easy to get in contact with. 5. Audience Profile A variety of tribes; Creatives, Leading Edge and Urban Trendies ABC1 16-20 year olds Buy expensive brands such as Mac makeup which suggests a high disposable income Care a lot about their appearance and fitness Secondary Audience: Parents, Dance Teachers, Family members etc. This means there is to be no; Extreme Taboo Language Nudity or indecency Inappropriate content or Sex appeal 6. How can I cater for my audience? Dont bore them with too much writing keep it fun and youngLimit the amount of sexual references on the celeb articleTry not to make the magazine too sophisticated and lose the youthfulnessBe cheeky and take existing working ideas and make them my ownMake the articles and content interesting and currentRemember that dancers will be branded on their parents socioeconomic range dont put the price too highStay away from using anything which is not my own avoid copyright infringementUse young models that are of a similar age (WTFS) 7. What to bare in mind (the golden rules)In order to comply with the laws of the PCC (press complaints commission) I will do the following;Golden rule 1. Accuracy at all times.Explanation I will ensure that during my articles, I am always proof reading, spellchecking and constantly re reading my work, to catch any mistakes before the go to print. This is to avoid any upset to the people involved in my magazine, by removing anything in which could be misunderstood or misinterpreted.2. Dont include personal opinions.After seeing some of the controversy regarding certain words or phrases being taken the wrong way, I feel it will be easier not to voice my own opinions within the magazine. This will prevent me from being responsible for any discrimination against anyone within my magazine as all the information I will be including is information they have said is OK for me to use, therefore I am not using any new information or anything in which they can dispute against. This is to prevent legal libel.3,Always get permission from anyone taking part in the magazine.No matter how small their part in my magazine may be, I should always ask permission before photographing or writing about anyone within my articles. This is to avoid anyone making a complaint regarding not giving consent to be represented in a certain way. I will have to contact the parents of under 16s for their consent before using imagery involving their children. This also goes for people in background imagery.4.Dont force people to be in your magazine.Unfortunately, not even may be willing to be in your magazine, and there isnt anything you can do to persuade them. This can be for multiple reasons, such as; they are too upset to talk about their experiences, they dont wish people to know about what has happened to them or they may simply just not like being photographed/identified. If this is the case, I will have to find an alternative story as under no circumstances will I pester people to be in my magazine, as this may result in complaints. I want people to want to be involved in my articles, not forced.5.Make sure everything I am using is my own.Originality is key, so I dont want to be using other peoples work if I can help it. This includes imagery and articles. If I do need to use some other imagery for my Diversity article for example, I will ask their permission via twitter for the copyright permissions. If they dont allow me to use some of these images, then I simply will not. The only time I would ever consider using other peoples articles is to take quotes, even then I would have to ask permission from the person who wrote it directly to do this. The same permissions to copyright of imagery would apply. Mainly, I should be taking my own images and writing my own articles, to avoid any copyright infringements. 8. Centre Stage focus group feedbackI want to look like the girl on the page I like the style of writingCentre Stage is good because not everyone needs help with the same thing, so making it different is better as it is helping a larger amount of people and not just one style of dance like ballet, like most other dance magazines domore professional than other magazines, they make dancers look fake 9. Genre research 10. Genre researchHow to articles - informativeIdeal imagery want to look like the cover modelsYouthful male and female fit and Healthy dancers represents them positivelyFont represents the edition college varsity jacket lookTitle colour scheme sets the tone of the page red means activeBright and Vibrant coloursComplimenting colours work well with youthful audience Active image non static, all holding a position 11. Genre researchTitle colour is reflected in the colour scheme of the articleSerif font is used, this is also going to be represented in my workMultiple imagery studio and on locationMale and female againLarge amount of text also will be used in my work 12. My Aims To educate and influence people into wanting to be better dancers To provide useful information Make boring subjects exciting Personal and unique experience want the magazine to feel catered for them Bright, vibrant and youthful yet sophisticated Appeal to many styles of dancer various dance styles 13. So What will my magazine look like? Fonts and colour schemesEDITIONMainfont for masthead, headlines and subheaders FontsCambria -For the main body text and for some possible sub-headers/headers. 14. So What will my magazine look like? CONTENTS Features: PAGE -Shooting with the stars -Chorus LineRegulars: -Secret Superstar -Exclusive interviews -Competitions -Standout Style 15. So What will my magazine look like? -Dps mock upsFocus Group 16-18 Year old dancers 7 female 2 male A/B/C1 status Leading Edge/Creatives 16. So What will my magazine look like? DPS MOCK UPS 17. So What will my magazine look like? DPS MOCK UPS 18. So What will my magazine look like? Details Font Title same as Masthead font Sub-header edition Body text serif and easy to readColourI want my page to be vibrant and youthful so bright and bold, blues, greens, yellows etc. Mix of pastel and vibrant shades.Layout- I am planning on doing the layout just like this. Need it to be active imagery. Simple, yet affective.ImageryExciting and inspiring. Youthful dancers to reflect target audience Impressive 19. So What will my magazine Imagerylook like? DetailsWindow to the future self -inspirational Active Classic Positive representation of northern peopleToneEnthusiastic Energetic Informative Informal/chattyColourBlack, white and grey SophisticatedA CHORUS LINE (how to article) Layout2 full pages of Imagery and staggered text -methodical Theatre mirror borderFontsEdition and Cambria Language Sophisticated yet understandable/youthful 2nd and 3rd person narration 20. So What will my magazine Shooting with the stars look like? Details (day in the life real) Imagery Mixture of candid and studio images Active ,Energetic, dynamic, engaging Inspirational Ideal positiveTone Friendly and inviting Informative Upbeat Energetic Enthusiastic inspirational ColoursMatch dv so red, black, white with the addition of yellow and blue/green add variety Complimenting coloursLanguage Sophisticated yet understandable/youthful 2nd and 3rd person narrationLayout Clapper board -film photo strip 2 columns 4 how to boxesFont Edition and Cambria -possible addition of another 21. So What will my magazine Winter Warm-ups look like? Details (how to article) ImageryMixture of candid and studio Real life Motivational Not really that activeLayout Dinner plate cut into sections Breakout boxes with the 5 different areasToneInformative Motivational Inspirational Personal to the readerColour A variety Pastel blue shades Vibrant and invitingFont Possible different dribbling affect Cambria Language Sophisticated yet understandable/youthful 2nd and 3rd person narration 22. The important stuff Paper type high quality and glossy Paper size roughly A4 Distribution 10,000 copies 1/3rd advertisements Selling price for 16 page teaser 0.75 Normal RRP 3.20 for between 40 and 60 pages 23. The important stuff- costing's 24. The important stuff- costing's 25. The important stuff- costing's 26. The important stuffadvertising rates Back Cover - 1,250 Inside Front - 1,100 Inside Back - 1,000 DPS - 1,750 Full Page - 900 Half Page - 475 Quarter Page - 238 Eighth Page - 150 27. Centre StageForward plannThe new leading edg