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  • The world's firstautomatic pancake machine


  • easy...Just add a measured amountof water to the dry ready-mixto make beautiful pancakesin minutes.

  • healthy...Popcakes are a real healthyoption. They are 97% fat free,high in fibre, low in salt andhave a soft light texture.

  • quick...Smart programming meansthey can be made in batchesor individually to order in lessthan 20 seconds.

  • and oftenSo within minutes, you canserve up stacks of Popcakepancakes in any one of adozen different ways.

  • Variety is the spice of lifeand Popcakes are no exception


  • plain...The traditional American stylepancake is a nation's favourite.What could you do with one?

  • fruity...Popcakes go great with coffee,make perfect deserts and arean ideal room service treat.

  • savoury...Beef up a breakfast, liven up alunch or add herbs and spices tocreate your own savoury snack.

  • and poshPopcakes comein many sizes,but mini-blinisare appetising,inspiring and rightfor any occasion.

  • The simple 4-stage processis easy to learn and use


  • pour...Use a measured amountof water with the uniquedry mix which has anincredible twelve monthshelf life.

  • shake...There really is no skillrequired. A quick 2-minuteshake and settle gives theperfect pancake mixevery time.

  • load...Just lift the lid, position thebag, close the lid and it'sready to use. It's that easy

  • and makePress the start button andyour delicious, warm,no-waste, profitable pancakesare dispensed perfectly . . .time, after time, after time.

  • Efficient low-cost operationmakes Popcake very cost effective


  • clever...The computer controlledsystem means you cancustomise your data andkeep valuable productionrecords.

  • compact...These units are compact,lightweight, and have a smallwork surface footprint.

  • clean...The unit is stainless steel andboth the cooking belts arereplacable. Only the splatterguard requires washing

  • and so coolThe casing stays coolto protect you, and yourcustomers when usedin self-service mode.