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  • Now we'll see who is the best in saying these tongue-twisters.Pat's black cat is in Pat's black hat.

  • Now we'll see who is the best in saying these tongue-twistersA girl sees six big grey geese

  • Does it live in people's houses ?Does it live on a farm? Does it live in the forest? Does it live in in the jungle? Does it live in water? Is it a wild animal or a domestic one? Is it large? Is it small? Does it eat meat? Does it eat grass? Does it eat corn? Does it eat fish? Does it eat fruit or vegetables? Has it a long tail? Is its coat bushy? ()What color is it?

  • Across1. This animal is friend of man4. Grey pet has long ears and short tail7. This animals has big cheeks 8. Who likes to drink milk and eat mice?Down2. Lives in seas and rivers..His hands are like two pincers.As round as a cab. Who is it? -It is a c**b3. A young pig 5. Young sheep6. So colorful and bright,Is fond of talking much.Likes eating carrotIt is a P****t7. WHO gives us eggs.8 WHO gives us milk.

  • Listen to the invitation of zookeeper and be ready for the test.Hello. My name is Ben. I am a zookeeper. Our zoo is big. You can see many animals and birds: tigers, lions, monkeys, bears, crocodiles, parrots and even an elephant. You can speak to parrot Jack. You can eat ice-cream.Welcome to our zoo!

  • TEST1. Ben is aa) Doctor b) Zookeeper c) President2. At the zoo you can seea) Fish b) Policemen c) Animals and birds3. You can speak to...a) Parrot Jack b) Dog Black c) Crocodile Fluffy

  • Well, boys and girls. It's very good that you know so much about animals, that you have pets at home, and that you take care of them. None of us must ever forget that animals and birds are our friends.

  • : Children , thank you very much. You know a lot about animals and birds. So my, dear friends you must take care of them. Don/t hurt animals, don/t catch birds. It is necessary for you to remember some rules about your pets.

  • Sometimes you say Hello, Because the bell has gone. And every day you say Good day, Good day, Good day. It is time to say Good bye, Good bye, my children, bye.