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Amul Feed Plant

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Conceptual Equipments And Services Pvt. Ltd.

Amul New Feed Plant 1600 TPD Pellets Conceptual Equipments And Services Pvt. Ltd, India.





High Lights for 1600 TPD Feed Plant Main Features:

Unique Raw Material Storage System. All raw materials are stored after cleaning. Major Raw Material stored in Flat Storage 24 chambers each on two sides . Total 48 chambers. Raw Material dumping limited to three locations. One of the Largest Flat Storage Systems. Four Grains Storage Silos.


High Lights for 1600 TPD Feed Plant Main Features:

Two Production lines of 800 TPD each. 1600 TPD up to the Grinding Mills Unique flat storage compartment filling system with telescopic conveyor. Filling with extended discharge chute. Material temperature monitored. Feeding to the plant through dumpers and intake conveyors.


High Lights for 1600 TPD Feed Plant Main Features: Hammer Mill of 50 TPH Batch Mixer of 4000 KG per Batch Pellet Mill Of 40 Tons per hour Geared Unit. Geared pellet Mill of this capacity in Cattle Feed Plant, first time in India. Pellet Cooler 45 TPH. Bagging through Automatic Bagging station and gravity feed electronic bagging machines.


High Lights for 1600 TPD Feed Plant Main Features:

First Floor bagging arrangement. Five trucks can be loaded at time. Storage facility in silo after production. Production de linked from bagging & dispatch. Filled Bag handling through an automated conveying system.


Flat Storage SystemOpen Flat storage system with 24 chambers on each side. Total 48 chambers. Each chamber has 450 tons of storage capacity.DORB & Cakes will be stored in Flat Storage.Grains will be stored in Silo. Four Flat Bottom silo of 500 Tons storage capacity.


Advantage of Flat Storage SystemUtilization of maximum area for storage.All raw material is stored after cleaning.Waste material collection at designated points outside the plant area.All space utilized by cleaned raw material. Bag handling limited to dumping area only.Empty bag handling limited to dumping area only.Main Man movement limited to truck unloading and dumping area.Minimum personal engaged for raw material dumping to the production line.


Flat Storage Conveyor Discharge

Flat Storage Doors

Flat Storage Chamber

Flat Storage Telescopic Conveyor

Four Silo of 500 ton storage capacity. Cleaning system after the material dump Conveyor at the bottom directly feeding to plant. Automatic temperature controller provided. Level sensors on each silo.Provision for a second set of silo provided.

Silo Storage System


Silo Storage

Silo Storage System

Grinding OperationOne Hammer mill of 50 TPH from Andritz with aspiration unit.One feeder and air assisted system for removal of stones.Magnet on feeder for removal of ferrous material.Mill runs on lower speed at 1440 RPM. 400 Kw motor Directly coupled motor.The Second hammer mill of same capacity to be added on expansion.



Mixing Unit One single rotor blender from Andritz.4000 kg(8000 liter) capacity.Unique mixing rotor.Mixes in lesser time.Drive Power 75 KW.Drive RPM 23.5.Air vent between mixer and surge bin.The second Mixer will be added on Expansion.



Molasses Mixer Molasses Mixer From Andritz with molasses injection arrangement. This will be between the pellet mill and conditioner .Steam also can be injected to the mixer if needed.Molasses addition 10%


Conditioning Unit Special design conditioner from Andritz.Multipoint controlled injection nozzles.Small percentage of an additional liquid can be injected.Large volume giving adequate retention time.Stainless Steel construction



Pelleting Lines Pellet Mills from Andritz.Pellet mill capacity 40 TPHPellet Diameter 8 mm.Two press roll assemblies.Inlet chute with pneumatic by pass flapAutomatic greasing.Controls with AS32CS SCADA system, with remote service provision via modem.Computer control with various operation for the operation of the mill.Roller/Die crane with two speed motor.



Pellet Cooler Counter Current Cooler to handle 40 to 45 TPH.Two blower with two cyclones and aspiration line.Hydraulic operated moving trays for pellet discharge.Optimized controls for the effective cooling and removal of moisture.



Pellet SieveSeparate pellet Sieve for each line.Totally enclosed units.Efficient sieving operations.Fines conveyed back for re pelleting.


Bagging Lines Silo to store cooled pellets. 60 Tons each silo One automatic bagging station with stitching machine.Three Net weight Bagging machines for bagging in jute bags.Bagging and dispatch de linked from production.Computer control for this entire operation.Conveyors with sensors to load the truck or to divert the bags for stacking.Sensors on bin for status of material monitored.


Bagging Machines

Molasses Storage Two Tanks of 5000 tons eachFour Unloading Pump with two as standby.Molasses Heater with steam heating.Molasses day tank in the plant.Feed Pumps from the tank to the molasses mixer.


Molasses Distribution

Electrical PanelsSeparate MCC for different sections.

All motors operated through VFD. Section wise MCC provided.

Auto power factor controls for each of the MCC separate

Auto Load control system on hammer mill and pellet mill.


Aspiration UnitsAspiration units at dumping points.Independent aspiration for hammer mill.Spot filters for the conveyors and Elevators.Breathers provided instead of aspiration unit on hoppers and Bins.


4000 Kg Steam generation Boiler.

Briquettes used as fuel.

Full automated operation.

Steam supply to process plant and molasses tank heating system.

Steam Generation


Boiler House

Automation Of the PlantCentralized computer system.Use of Scada and DCS system.Use of speed sensors in all conveyors and elevators.Use of belt alignment monitor in elevators.Use of explosion windows in elevator.Monitor consumption of steam, molasses, air, and electricity through monitoring meters. Pellet mill monitoring with details of spare part consumption and life.

Automation Of the PlantConveyor elevator status monitored.Bagging and dispatch monitored.Batching and raw material status monitored.Raw material temperature at the storage points monitored.Premix operations monitored.Molasses consumption and status in tanks monitored.Steam consumption monitored, Reports generated as per requirement.

Scada Screens Elevator Load

Scada Screen- Batch Handling

Scada Screen Pellet Mill Load

Scada Screen- Die Press Roll Details

Manuals For Machines

The manuals for the Andritz process machines can be accessed from Scada.The Spare parts list fort process machines can be accessed from the system.Easy identification possible with search facility.

Sample Manual Access

Airline Distribution

Summary Flat Storage to store 19200 tonsSilo to store 2000 Metric tons.Molasses tanks to store 10000 tons in two tanks.Briquette fired boiler of 4 tons per hour steam generation. Air compressor of 540 cfm air capacity.Batching System to batch 4 tons per batch.Hammer Mill of 50 tons per hour.Batch Mixer to handle 8000 liters per batch.Pellet Mill of Capacity 40 tons per hour.Cooler to handle 45 tons per hour. Three Gravity fed Net weight bagging Machines. One automatic bagging machine


Contact DetailsRegistered Office: Conceptual Equipments And Services Pvt. Ltd. 6/1302, Daffodil, Puliyankavu Road, Karingarapully, Palakkad, Kerala, India 678551

Phone: +91 491 2570067.E mail: [email protected]


Contact Details


Conceptual Equipments And Services Pvt. Ltd.486/B-2, G.I.D.C. Makarpura, Baroda,Gujarat, India 390010

Phone: +91 265 2978901E mail: [email protected]


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