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1. Rotary Club of Kathmandu Midtown Rotary International, The Rotary Foundation 3-H Grant Project # 59787 Darmstadt-Berghtrasse, Germany Reproductive Health and Micro credit in Nepal ANM Maxi Project 2. Project Locations 3. Project Locations S.no District 1 Baitadi 2 Bajura 3 Dolpa 4 Humla 5 Jumla 6 Kalikot 7 Manang 8 Mugu 9 Mustang 10 Salyan Total 10 Project Districts, 5 or 6 girls from each district Total 52 Girls 4. Project Duration Project Start September 2007 Project End August 2015 5. Project Objectives 1 1. Select 52 eligible girls from remote districts and train them for 18 months to become Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) 6. Project Objective-2 Establish 52 clinics for ANMs in remote districts selected for this grants. 7. Project Objective-3 Establish Micro-credit activities in 52 locations of 10 districts, in coordination with the location of the clinics established for the 52 ANMs. 8. Project Objective - 4 Share specific information regarding on aspects of Reproductive health with local women and coordinate with. 9. Project Objective - 5 Provide additional training to 52 ANMs in other aspects of health care. 10. Project Objective -6 Coordinate with 52 ANMs in existing facilities of Public Health Care Service Points (District Hospital, Health Post, Sub Health Post, and Primary Health Care Centre) in their area. 11. Project Objective -7 Provide an emergency fund to the ANMs to cover transport cost in life threatening circumstances. 12. Project Objective -8 Ensure that the ANMs have a satisfactory regular income to ensure her continuing activities in the remote location. 13. Project Objective - 9 Contribute to reduce of maternal and neonatal mortality in 10 remote districts of Nepal. 14. Cooperating organizations The Rotary Foundation, Health Hunger & Humanity Grants Project(3H Grants # 59787) Rotary Club Of Kathmandu Mid-Town, RID 3292 Rotary Club of Darmstadt- Bergstrasse, Germany, RID 1860 Foreign Organizations United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA) Nick Simons Institute(NSI) for SBA Training Local Organizations _ National Health Training Centre(NHTC) Kavre Health Training Institute(KHTI) Rural Micro-Finance Development Center(RMDC) Poverty Alleviation Fund( PAF) Nepal Disable Association (NDA) , Nepal Orthopedics Hospital Centre for Self-Help Development(Swabalamban) Palpa Mission Hospital, Tansen, Palpa Nepal Lamjung District Hospital, Beshishahar, Lamjung AMDA Hospital, Damak, Jhapa Community Development Centers of project districts District Development Committee, Village Development Committee(VDC), Local Health Institutions ,Mothers group (Community Base Organizations) Nursing Council Others organizations working in these Districts 15. Support The project is supported by The Rotary Foundation (USD 283,725) United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) (USD15, 000)+(USD24,750) Rotary Club of Darmstadt- Bergstrasse (USD 29,000), (Primary International Partner) Rotary Club of Kathmandu Mid-Town (USD1,000). Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF): (NRs. 13,86,000.00), promised to provide 20,16,000 Kavre health Training Institute (KHTI): (NRs. 63,000.00) 16. Achieved Goals - 1 42 girls out from 46 girls passed CTEVT Exam from KHTI 6 girls were already trained ANMs. 24 girls got SBA training, 7 are now enrolling at Palpa Mission Hospital, Tansen Palpa 48 girls got Micro Credit Training(1 Month)at Centre for Self Help Development and Orthopedics training(15 days) at Nepal Orthopedics Hospital, Jorpati. Provide Emergency transport fund of NPR 10,000 each ANM in life threatening circumstances. 17. Achieved Goals - 2 30 girls started Micro Credit Activity at their own locations, we provided NPR 115,000 per ANM/Women Group 48 girls are running MCH Clinics (we Provided NPR 20,000 for medicine NPR 22,850 for equipment, and NPR 8800 for Clinic Rent for one year) Most of our ANM girls are working at Government Health Post, Primary Health Care Centre, Sub Health Post and District Hospital. SBA training build their confidence level to attain delivery. 18. Targeted Plan for Next Year Micro credit Loan Disbursement for remaining ANMs girls(18 girls). Regular Site Visit and collect report of Clinics and Micro credit women groups. Provide Staff Nurse course for 6-7 ANMs. Build 1-2 Birthing Centre in Project locations. Provide SBA Training to remaining ANMs(17girls). 19. Management Committee 1. Chandra Kumar Golchha Host Primary Contact Person, Past President RC Kathmandu Mid-Town 2. Mani Dhoj Joshi (second contact), Past President Kathmandu Mid-Town 3. Rajesh Thapa, Past President RC Mount Everest, DRFC Chair 3292 4. Bishnu Subedi, Past President RC Kathmandu 5. Shankar Man Shreshtha, Past President, RC Balaju, RMDC Director 6. Yogendra Man Pradhan, Past President RC Kathmandu Mid-Town, District Govornor RI District 3292 7. Uttam Dhungel, Kavre Health Training Institute(KHTI) Director 8. Karl Heinz Nothnagel, International Primary Contact Person, RC Darmastadt Bergestrassee RID 1860 Germany 20. First Batch ANM Girls 21. 2nd Batch Girls 22. Third Batch ANM Girls 23. Already Trained ANM-MUGU 24. PDG Subhash Sarf Visit MG Project 25. 3H Committee Member at KHTI with PDG Subhash Saraf 26. TRF Auditor Madhav Borate and his Spouse 27. Tamu Aama Samuha, Chame Manang 28. Marsyandi Aama Samuha, Khotro Manang 29. Buddha Aama Samuha, Ghelanchock, Manang 30. ANM girl Sharmila Gurung Checking Patient at Health Post, Thonche Manang 31. Taal Village, Manang, Gateway of Manang 32. Kavre Visit with UNFPA Personnel 33. ANM girls are at KHTI, Banepa 34. ANM girls at Lab at KHTI 35. Tribeni Mahia Samuha, Tribeni, Kalikot 36. ANM MCH Clinic at Kalikot 37. Janajagaran Aama Samuha, Mehalmudi, Kalikot 38. Thini Aama Samuha, Thini Mustang 39. MG Project Visit by Chandra Kumar Golchha 40. ANM girls at Palpa During SBA Training at Palpa Mission Hospital 41. ANM girls at Damak During SBA Training at AMDA hospital 42. Chandra Kumar Golchha and Rajesh Thapa with ANM girls at Humla 43. ANM clinic at Simikot Humla(ANM Bijaya Budha) 44. X-ray Machine at ANM clinic at Humla 45. Masthamandu Aama Samuha, Depalgaun, Jumla 46. ANM Clinic at Tribeni Kalikot 47. Karl Heinz Nothnagel is talking with Mustang Hospital Doctor at Jomsom 48. Syang Aama Samuha, Syang Mustang 49. Chhero Aama Sahuha, Chhero, Mustang 50. Karl Heinz Nothnagel at Marpha while on site Visit to Mustang