An important message to my friends

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  • 1. Dear Friends.

2. I was having a bit of a rough time last week. 3. My grandfather unexpectadly passed away, and I looked like this 4. So I spent the day at a small town Baptist funeral where everyone else looked like this. 5. Then I had to go play in a tennis tournament where in my fragile emotional state, I looked like this 6. And everyone else looked like this 7. My poor boyfriend tried so hard to to deal with me AND get through his own stressful matches looking like this 8. When he probably felt like this 9. So we return home empty-handed on my birthday. My fridge is empty except for a bottle of white wine and a couple of drinking straws. We go out for pizza and while Im waiting for my pie, I check my phone and see the birthday messages and well wishes from all of you. 10. So I started to feel more like myself, and I looked like this 11. And a little later this week, I plan to raid the fridge and look like this 12. Im back baby! Thank you for all your love and support.