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Benign breast diseases

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  1. 1. Common Breast Diseases by PROF/ GOUDA ELLABBAN SCU HOSPIAL/ EGYPT
  2. 2. Congenital Extra nipples and Breast- polythalia, polymazia Milk line Unilateral hypoplasia- augmentation Hypoplasia of pectoral muscles
  3. 3. Life cycle of Breast Development early reproductive Mature reproductive life Involution Most BBD occur in specific period aberrations rather than disease Changes in glandular tissue- areas of fibrosis, microcysts, adenosis
  4. 4. 5cm diameter CBE, USG,FNA 2yrs 10% in size, rest disappear
  5. 9. Pain , nodularity Physiological, prolonged aberration Focal nodularity common- all ages Pathological benign breast changes
  6. 10. Involution Palpable breast cysts- perimenopausal Smooth lump,painful MMG,USG, FNA - blood + , cytology Re-examine breast MMG,USG,FNA 1- 3% Ca, risk x2
  7. 11. Sclerosis Sclerosing adenosis, radial scars, complex sclerosing lesions Excision biopsy- suspicious on MMG
  8. 12. Duct Ectasia Subareolar ducts dilate- shorten Age 70 40% have duct dilation,ectasia D/C cheesy, nipple retraction, mass Slit like nipple, Surgery- troublesome D/C, inverted nipple
  9. 13. Epithelial hyperplasia Terminal duct lobule unit cellular hyperplasia Mild,moderate, florid Atypia- ADH- BBD- increased risk of Br Ca First degree relative Br Ca
  10. 14. Gynecomazia Benign, reversible, puberty, old age Surgery if socially unacceptable Senescent Gynecomazia- 50-80,males Progressive,painless increase MMG fat or malignancy, FNA,hormone Drug anabolic steroids, - Danazol,Tmx
  11. 15. Benign Neoplasms Duct pailloma single, multiple Blood stained d/c, ductography Duct excision
  12. 16. Lipomas - Soft, lobulated, radioluscent Haematomas trauma RTA. FNA, core bx, open biopsy Antocoagulant therapy Sometimes associated with Ca Fat necrosis Traumatic seat belt injury Granuloma multiple masses, sarcoid, TB Breast infections, Mastalgia
  13. 17. Infections Abscess- lactational-I&D,TB, syphilis,fungal Periareolar(NL) AB- abscess duct fistula Mammary duct fistula excision Skin infections- hidradenitis,cellulitis, eczema, sebaceous cysts