How to become healthy- Experienced by Manmohan Rathi

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Secret of Healthy lifeExperienced by Manmohan

My Experiments With Body, MIND and SOUL

to control

Diabetes, Obesity, Acidity and ..Many more

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We have far more control over our health and the condition of our bodies than we ever thought possible.I am not a doctor. I am not a expert of this area. I am a simple person like you adopting normal life style till 6 months before which is followed by most of the person. but one fine morning I started experimenting on healthy life style for which I was reading from long time. Fortunately result are very dramatic as my mind, body and soul were on same wave length . As I got excellent result this motivated me to share my experience to all of you so that every one can get benefit of itYour health and your familys health are top prioritiesIMPORTANT - The information, techniques and suggestions mentioned in this presentation are not a substitute of the medical advice of physician. In a particular case that you may require diagnosis or medical attention, consult your health care provider.

INDEXWhy people are sickHow people can be healthy & How to leave disease freeDharma of AirDharma of FoodDharma of WaterDharma of ExerciseDharma of RestDharma of ExertionSelf test My experimentsOther best practices adopted by meResults achieved by mePrescription for Healthy Life

1 Why people are sick

Food we eat convert to juices which can be absorbed by body, these juices are in the form of glucose goes in the Blood (In our Body we are having 6 liter of Blood), From Blood it goes to cells where these are converted in energy via insulin. This energy is required for performing the day today activity of body and mind.

This is the standard way how Energy reaches to millions and millions of Cells existing in our Body.

Cell to perform its duty properly require Pran Vayu , Water , Energy and removal of waste like carbon di oxide and toxic substances time to time

All animals leave natural life- they take air naturally , They take food whenever hunger is their and not getting bore from same food, they drink water whenever required, They walk and walk for getting food, water etc.. as they are not worried for next day, they do extraction whenever needed without hesitation or postponement

Opposite to this Human being are more knowledgeable animal. They take food for taste not for health, they manipulate body requirement . They avoid natural food like fruits , vegetables, nuts etc.. They cook food at higher temperature to make tasty even by adding different chemicals in it again to make it more tasty. Concentrate it, Deep fry which further reduces good part.This process Pranic energy lost, When such food go to stomach it is having not only less good energy but also carrying lot of toxic substance .

As we take such food it require less water hence body is deprived for water which is needed for cleaning of our food track, Cleaning of blood vessels, Cleaning of Cells etc..

We are working and working hence do not have time for exercise. So our Nadi system is also getting blockages which is affecting functioning of body.

Due to above waste material accumulation happens in body slowly.

All Above are creating conditions in which Body cell are starved for energy and same time waste material accumulated their

Which creates different disease like Diabetes, Obese, High Blood Pressure, Skin Problem etc..

Disease comes in cluster like it will start 1st in form of obesity, then it will help in getting High Blood pressure, Obese also invite Diabetes, Diabetes will invite Eye problem, Heart problem, Kidney problem etc..

For above disease we blame heredity, environment etc.. which is not in our control. This way we enjoy our life with all royal disease .Some people think that these disease can happens to others only will not happens to me but once you are crossing 40 years then you are getting lot od surprise gifts in the form of disease which you are finding part of your life now.

Further to it Once person are sick from above they change their life style For example if a person is having diabetic they will follow following steps for some years

Tablet or insulin regularly

Do sugar test and happy if it is in control and very unhappy if it is out of control

Avoid Sweat eating

Avoid Potato

Avoid Rice

No fruits like banana, mango, grapes etc..

Take sugar less tea

Many more precautions

But In spite of this slowly slowly dose of medicine increases and also many parts of body are affected. So it goes like slow poison and ultimately we are more and more sick.

2 How people can be healthy and disease free

Healthy Body require following 6 things

Pran Vayu Water FoodExerciseRestExcretion

We blame for less life of human being to air pollution, Poor quality of food, water pollution, too much pesticides use, All day work, but this contributes 10% reduction only.

Major 90% increase in life is in our hand by adopting natural life style. By adopting Following Dharma

So if we can ensure 6 no's body requirements, We can avoid all disease. By following natural life Style this is possible. Let us call them Dharma of 6 requirement

Dharma of Air A person cannot leave without Air more than 6 minutes, By properly inhaling Pran vayu and exhaling impure air we can follow this.

Dharma of Water - By taking clean water, required quantity of water and taking water when it is really required. Also not taking water when it is not required. we can follow this dharma

Dharma of Food- By taking natural Food which is suitable for body , in Proper Quantity , Proper quality and at proper time are important aspect in following this dharma.

Dharma of Exercise By doing regular exercise we can ensure flow of energy and body requirement to each and every part of body . This is best possible by Pranayama and Yoga as these also help in mental and spiritual well being.

Dharma of Rest Body require rest to repair damaged cell and growth of new cells, Hence by taking proper amount of rest and proper quality rest as per body need we can easily follow this dharma.

Dharma of Excretion- Our body is designed to remove unwanted material by itself but as we are not giving attention on body needs waste is accumulates in the body and creates many many disease .Proper control on breathing , taking sufficient water, Proper motion, 2-3 liter urination,1-2 liter sweating, 1 hours pranayama and yoga helps in adopting this dharma.

3 Dharma of Air

Fresh air is good for digestionFresh air helps you to digest food more effectively. That is why its great to take a small walk outside after you eat. Improves your blood pressure and heart rateIf you have a problem with blood pressure, you should avoid polluted environments and try to stay in surroundings that have a good supply of fresh air. Dirty environment forces the body to work harder, to get the amount of oxygen it needs.Fresh air makes you happierThe amount of serotonin is affected by the amount of oxygen you inhale. Serotonin can significantly lighten your mood and promote a sense of happiness and well-being. Fresh air will leave youfeeling more refreshed and relaxed.Strengthens your immune systemWhite blood cells kill and fight bacteria and germs. They need enough oxygen to work and function properly.Fresh air cleans your lungsFresh air helps the airways of your lungs to dilate more fully and improves the cleansing action of your lungs. When you exhale and breathe out through your lungs, you release airborne toxins from your body.You will have more energy and sharper mindFresh air helps you to think better and increases your energy level. Your brain needs twenty percent of your bodys oxygen. More oxygen brings greater clarity to the brain, improves your concentration, helps you to think more clearly and has a positive effect on your energy level.

There is a lot more to benefits from being in the environments that are not polluted. Find some time and spend it outside of the city.

Pure air is essential for life and health

This is not only fulfilling requirement of oxygen but also need of pran

Quality of air we breath affect energy level directly

Freshness, happiness and vitality experienced near waterfall or high on mountains is because of pran in the air is significantly higher at that location.

Other side when one is exposed to recycled air, air pollutions energy level goes down quickly

When air is charges by negative ions it increases level of pran

We should take fresh air, Morning time

Proper inhalation , retention and Exhalation

We should not use any type of smoking

We should frequently visit gardens, trees, mountain's, rivers, water falls etc. as they are reach source of clean air.

Breathe! You are AliveBreathe for your joyto be steady and calm.Breathe for your sorrowto flow away.Breathe to renewevery cell in your blood.

Breathe to renewthe depths of consciousnessBreathe and you dwellin the here and now. Breathe and all you touchis new and real.

Whatever you encounter,Day and night, Is your life;You should therefore give yourselfTo each situation as it arisesFrom moment to momentUse your life energy towards that purpose, so that from the circumstances that Be fall you, you may create a harmonious lifewith all things in their rightful place. Everything is Your Life

4 Dharma of FOOD