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Jordan ChiapponeStensethEnglish 1302

Legalizing Euthanasia: Justice for the Terminally Ill

What is euthanasia?The act of assisting in suicide of a terminally ill individual according to their wishes.Generally carried out by a health care professional by injecting an overdose of medication, or administering medication in such a way that is fatal.

Legalization of EuthanasiaLegalizing euthanasia has many benefits for the country and will provide justice for the terminally ill.Economically positiveIncreases quality of lifeHonors a dying persons wishes

ECONOMICALLY POSITIVEEuthanasia will help reduce the financial burden that is left to the families of the terminally ill patients.

Will help decrease the countrys healthcare deficit related to the medical care of a dying person

In 2008, the United States government spent over fifty billion dollars on physician and hospital bills during the last two months of patients lives (CBSnews). STATISTICS

Ninety percent of terminally ill patients report that they would rather die at home than at a hospital or nursing home (Leonard)

Increasing Quality of LifeAs an individual begins to age, there are many fears that cross their minds:Burdening loved onesBeing kept alive on machinesFear of living in pain

With the option of assisted suicide available, one would be able to live their life without the constant fear of having to live in pain or burdening their family.It has been shown in the states that euthanasia has been legalized, that end-of-life care has improved (Campbell). More people are using hospice care, understanding that euthanasia is an option if they decide their pain is not relieved.

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