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  1. 1. - Pro, ? Co-organized by Science for Success and FDMT, Smart Student Leaders s a unique program about efficient and professional ways to organize dept. soc, ICA or any other student bodies, in just 2 half day during winter break.For further details, please see the attached file (or
  2. 2. Yes, with Smart Student Leader Learn from leading your students society. A unique learning program co-organized byScience for Successand co nsultingcompanyFDMT . In4sessions during semester break, youll learn how to - position your program to students forbetter promotion results ,- approach potential sponsorswith minimal rejection - organize functionwithout compromising study lifeand- align the leadership experience to your life mission. Launched at UST and HKU before. A chance to consolidate and reflect forpast exco .An inspiration tofuture exco. A unique program to anyone interested in organizing quality program!.
  3. 3. Enroll at: 100% activity-based training 24/1 13:00 Inner alignment 24/1 13:00 Project scheduling 22/1 13:00 Professional dialoguing 19/1/2009 Deadline 22/1 13:00 Program positioning Date Milestones First-come-first-served Allocation Past exco, current exco and anyone interested in program organizingTarget participants 15 Size of intake HK$100 Program fee Almon Kwan Coach English Slides language Cantonese Coaching language Practical and interactive
  4. 4. Voluntary participant feedback from HKU and UST (All comments are athttp:// ) Sharing from CEPGSS Sharing from Accounting SSSharing from Economics SS Written testimonial The method of time management and project management is so useful that you can apply in all problems you may encounter in your daily lives Kingson Kwan, UG yr 1, HKU, 2007 Before I attend this training, I'm just wondering will it be so boring? However, the instructors use different games to help us to understand more and to experience more. Besides, the example that the instructors given in class can help me to apply them in my future life Rainbow Ng, UG Yr 1, HKU, 2007 Preparing for the O-camp for freshmen has made me exhausted. Through this training, I have learnt useful skills such as How to build a project schedule and Feasibility Analysis. Quantum enables me to organize the activities more effectively. It really saves me lots of time with higher quality of work and I will keep learning other parts of Quantum. Tommy Lau UG, HKUST, 2006 The part of project management impresses me most as it teaches me new ways to organize a project Luk Sai Kit, UG Yr 1, Earth Science, HKU, 2007 I think anyone who would like to be winners in their future should seriously consider taking courses organized by FDMT Marcus Chan, YG, HKU, 2007
  5. 5. Quantum Challenge:whole new experience unlike traditional lecture Dynamic and interactive coaching Instantly applicable learning Exciting and fun atmosphere Experienced Coach
    • Almon Kwan
    • Action Learning Coach from WIAL
    • Decades of management experiences in Intel and other multinational corporations
    • Have coached 1,000+ UG, PG, MBA and Phd of 55+ majors of 7 local universities in HK