Pros and cons of medication for anxiety and depression

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DESCRIPTION Hypnotherapy is considered a form of complementary treatment rather than a replacement for mainstream medical assistance. Physical problems can be behind some mental conditions, as the division between mind and body isn’t clear-cut. So please use common sense if you are considering hypnosis as an alternative and don’t stop your medication without the approval of your doctor.

Text of Pros and cons of medication for anxiety and depression

  • 1. Medication forAnxiety andDepression: Pros and Cons

2. Why anxiety cant be treatedby injecting serotonin into thebloodstream? 3. The answer to this is thatserotonin has a complicatedrelationship with the nerves andwhile it makes you feel peacefulwhen its in the brain, 4. if it gets into the skin nerves, ithurts serotonin is what makesnettle stings hurt. Eatingserotonin doesnt work either,as your brain cleverly keeps it out. 5. Can you increase the bodys levels of serotonin? 6. Many people argue that you can. Serotonin is naturally produced by thebody and diet can indeed help the bodyproduce more of it, with bananas, datesand papayas being thought to be good for increasing the bodys production of serotonin. 7. Another intriguing finding by one researcher also suggests that peoplewith a larger muscle mass have moreserotonin in their systems because of the way that muscles (as opposed toother body tissues) use amino acids toget moving. 8. (These facts make this writerthink that if you munch a banana and go for a nice longwalk, youll start feeling better sounds like something my mother would have said.) 9. One of the advantages of taking medications such as SSRIs to combat anxiety is that they do work. 10. That is, they do increase the levels of serotonin in the brainand help the person taking themfeel more peaceful. 11. However, like many other medications, especially those that tinker with thehormones, SSRIs have side effects (the only hormone-related medicationthat doesnt seem to is insulin, whichType 1 diabetics have to inject because their body doesnt produce thishormone). 12. Some of the side effects ofSSRIs are seen when beginning to take these medications and include dizziness, fatigue, weight gain, reduced bonemass, headaches, very peculiardreams, diarrhoea, insomnia and more. 13. Later on, SSRIs can interferewith sexuality, usually loss oflibido, impotence and inability to reach orgasm (spoilsport!). 14. And if you have been takingSSRIs for some time, you can get dependent on them andhave trouble coming off them which would be called anaddiction for a non-prescribedsubstance. 15. Whats more, for low-gradedepression and anxiety, SSRIs dont actually do that much the place where they work bestis when treating people with very severe depression oranxiety. 16. If general low-grade anxiety orjust feeling blue is your problem, then other avenues such as hypnosis might be abetter option than medication but your doctor will be able togive you more advice and help you explore your options. 17. Other drugs are used to treatanxiety disorder but SSRIs areby far the most common. 18. Other physical forms of therapy can be used that dont involveprescription medications theseinclude the sort of thing your mother told you, like increasing aerobic exercise, getting goodsleep and cutting back on coffee. 19. And there are the forms oftherapy that deal with themental/emotional side of things, such as counselling, hypnotherapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy. 20. These aim to deal with harmful thinking patterns and givepeople the inner strength tocope with stress and theproblems of life from the insideout. 21. Are you in the verge of anxeityand depression? 22. This can be a debilitatingcondition and this can ruin yournormal life. 23. But there is a SOLUTION 24. Get the answer fromHypnosis Brisbane call Mike at (07) 5576 6410