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EZcall is the best integration system available for healthcare facilities today. EZcall is the most versatile and user-friendly/cost-effective system today!www.qbsoft.ca www.youtube.com/qbsoft www.twitter.com/qbsoft www.slideshare.net/qbsoft

Text of QBsoft ezcall overview presentation

  • 1. ..Made Easy EZcall Alarm Assignment and Integration Platform Overview prepared by: Powerful Integration.. TM

2. EZcall Enterprise Assignment/Integration Platform

  • Networked TCP/IP client/server modular software
  • Provides central interface between disparate alarm systems
  • Send alarm messages to other systems, annunciator devices or mobile devices
  • (cell phones, wireless phones, pagers, PDAs..)
  • Callback feature allows staff mobile devices to call into voice-capable systems to provide two-way voice
  • Simple Assignments can be setup;
    • Static /Fixed Assignment setup
    • DynamicAssignments staff alter on-the-fly
    • Scheduledpre-defined alarm routing

3. EZcall Integration Links Multiple Facilities Remote Campus District Hospital Central Campus Clinics Branch Offices District Hospital Centralized EZcall Server 4. EZcall Enterprise Applications & Uses

  • Emergency Call
    • Staff wireless duress/code white in psychiatric wards
    • Elderly mobile duress in elderly care facilities
  • History Logging / Management Reporting
  • Mobile Device Interface
    • Allows staff to remain mobile and receive alarms
  • Disaster Awareness
    • Immediately alert security and fire response personnel of situations requiring urgent attention.
    • Provide detailed location information to emergency response
  • Mass Notification
    • Send Earthquake/Tornado alerts to student cellular phones
    • Immediately/Automatically alert a school of a lockdown

5. EZcall One InterfaceSupports Numerous Applications

  • Alarm system interface clients
  • Operator interface/GUI clients
  • Manual text entry applications
  • Wireless telephone interfaces
  • Pocket paging interfaces
  • Email integration
  • Wireless locating & duress hardware monitoring
  • Network monitoring clients
  • Management reporting & history logging programs
  • Dementia profiling programs
  • Voice/verbal output interfaces

6. EZcall Integration Pulls All The Pieces Together

  • One single interface into all alarm systems
    • Reduce complexity and training
  • Manage all facilitiesone building, multi-campus, and remote sites
  • Manage & Display on a variety of devices:anytime, anywhere
    • PDAs, wireless, cell phones, pagers .
    • PC displays, LED Marquees

Building Automation Security Fire Alarm Nurse Call Wireless Duress 7. EZcall Enterprise Overall Network Integration EZcall Enterprise Server Management Reporting Remote Administration Event/Information Display Boards Facility Control Workstation Access Control / Intrusion Alarm Telephone System Radio Paging Internet 802.11 Wi-Fi Network Fire Alarm System Nurse Call System Asset Locating / Wireless Duress Email & SMS Messaging Workflow Management Closed Circuit TV 8. EZcall Enterprise Functions & Features Guard Tour EZcall allows integrated systems to take advantage of the following features that may not be present on the actual system hardware: Dementia Monitoring Staff Rounds Monitoring Resident Check-in Instant Messaging / Unified Messaging Bulletin-Board / Advertising Staff Time & Attendance Medical Reminders Bed Management 9. EZcall Applications User Interface Programs

  • Network-based - may be accessed anywhere on the network
  • Alarm Display applications(FCC, EDC, VAC, PDC, TDC, WWC)
  • Audible output (Text-to-Speech) outputs(TTC, PDC, FCC, WWC)
  • Remote Assignment programs(FCC, WWC)
  • Reporting programs(DCSreports, WWC)
  • Manual Message programs(FCC, TMC)
  • Email output(MDS)
  • Marquee output(MDS)
  • Target displays(TDC)
  • Security Keypad control(VKC)
  • Messaging clients(TPC, SPC)
  • EZtouch panels(TPH)

10. EZcall User InterfaceSimplicity

  • Organized by ward/event/priority
  • Event icons promote simplicity
  • Graphical map displays
  • Very easy to use reduces training requirements
  • Manual interaction buttons allow staff to respond locally to alarms
  • Highly customizable, yet simple;
    • Only display the action buttons that are needed
    • Multiple system interfaces
    • Manual cancellation & acknowledgment
    • Manual text messaging capability
    • Create on-screen event triggers

11. EZcall User InterfaceAttractive Alarm Display

  • Supports custom skins
  • Can be manual or pre-sorted
  • Optional target displays

EDC Event Display Client (Alarm Window) TDC Target Display Client (Display Window) 12. EZcall User InterfaceFloor Map Alarm Display

  • Static or Active maps
  • Allow alarms to be easily located reducing training needs

DCS Display Control Server (Alarm Display Screen) 13. EZcall User InterfaceSimple-to-Use Alarm Assignments

  • Assignments may be:static, scheduled, or dynamic
  • Make assignments byroom, ward or custom group
  • Multiple escalation levels

DCS Display Control Server (Profiles Edit Screen) DCS Display Control Server (Schedules Window) 14. EZcall User InterfaceDementia Control & Display

  • Very easy-to-use
  • All user changes are tracked & logged
  • Customizable access rights

DCS Display Control Server (Profiles Edit Screen) 15. EZcall User InterfaceSimple Device Maintenance

  • Replace broken devices with 3 clicks
  • Send manual text messages
  • Perform coverage tests
  • Automate maintenance requests

DCS Display Control Server (Error Logging Screen) DCS Display Control Server (Device Maintenance Screen) 16. EZcall User InterfaceSimple Wireless Device Administration

  • Add/Edit/Remove devices with little or no training
  • Online help and built-in manuals

WWC Wireless Wizard Client (user interface) 17. EZcall User InterfaceManual Messaging

  • Integrated PC chat & messaging
  • Send individual or grouped messages
  • Send to device groups, or by device type

TMC Text Messaging Client (manual paging screen) ezText Personal Messenger 18. EZcall User InterfaceMarquee Control

  • Manually send/edit marquee display messages
  • Remotely view what is on each marquee

TMC Text Messaging Client (marquis control window) 19. EZcall User InterfaceEZtouch Panels

  • Customizable waterproof color touch-screen button stations
  • Automate tedious tasks and increase staff efficiency
  • Complete workflow management and improvement allows for greater room & equipment utilization

20. EZcall User InterfaceWeb Browser Client

  • Runs on any standard web browser including; Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome & most mobile browsers

WAC Web Access Client running on a Firefox Browser.

  • Operable on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, Mobile devices

21. EZcall User InterfaceWeb Browser Client Options Active Alarm & Staff Presence Display in Real-Time Sending Manual Text Messages & Activating/Canceling Virtual Alarms Active Graphic Map Display of Events Viewing/Printing Alarm History

  • All over any standard web browser with no additional software to install
  • No special browser drivers required ensure compatibility
  • Display on virtually any operating system

22. EZcall User InterfaceWeb Browser Client Advantages

  • Includes optimization for viewing on mobile devices
  • One simple user interface reduces operator training time
  • Web browser support greatly reduces installation, maintenance and upgrade costs

23. EZcall Applications Alarm Input Clients

  • Open-Architecture interface to 3 rdparty systems
  • Support for most industry-standard protocols(TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, UDP, SNPP, LonWorks, TAP..)
  • Support for conventional I/O including PLC and most custom hardware interfaces
  • Virtual serial port support provides more flexibility
  • Support for numerous custom protocols including:
    • Rauland-Borg nurse call systems
    • Dukane nurse call systems
    • Simplex fire alarm systems
    • Edwards fire alarm systems
    • GE