MeHI eQuality Incentive ProgramSolicitation No. 2015-MeHI-01 Question & Answer Webinar - November 12, 2014

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Massachusetts eHealth Institute eQuality Incentive Program (eQIP) Solicitation No. 2015-MeHI-01 Question & Answer Webinar November 12, 2014


  • 1. Massachusetts eHealth InstituteeQuality Incentive Program (eQIP)Solicitation No. 2015-MeHI-01Question & Answer WebinarNovember 12, 2014

2. Agenda Introduction Legal Considerations MeHI Overview eQuality Incentive Program (eQIP) Overview Eligibility Criteria Milestones Application Process and Timelines Questions2013 Massachusetts eHealth Institute. All Rights 2 Reserved. Confidential. 3. Introduction / Presenters Host: Judith Iwanski, Manager, eHealth eQuality Program Laurance Stuntz, MeHI Director Sean Kennedy, Director, Health Information Exchange Ross Venables, Grants and Contracts AdministratorPlease hold all questions to the end[May type questions into the questions section]2013 Massachusetts eHealth Institute. All Rights 3 Reserved. Confidential. 4. Legal Considerations 5. Legal Considerations The Solicitation has been posted to the MassTechwebsite & Comm-Buys, the Commonwealthsprocurement portal. To the extent anything stated/presented in this webinaris inconsistent with the RFP, the Solicitation writtendocuments shall govern. MassTech reserves all rights to amend, modify orotherwise clarify the Solicitation & any written answers toquestions presented.2013 Massachusetts eHealth Institute. All Rights 5 Reserved. Confidential. 6. Legal Considerations (cont.) It is the Respondents responsibility to check MassTechand/or Comm-Buys websites for addenda or modificationsto the Solicitation. Please review the Solicitation carefully. Non-responsive applications will be rejected.2013 Massachusetts eHealth Institute. All Rights 6 Reserved. Confidential. 7. MassTech Overview The Massachusetts Technology Collaborative(MassTech) was established pursuant to MassachusettsGeneral Laws Chapter 40J. MassTech is an independentauthority of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. MeHI (Massachusetts eHealth Institute) is a non-divisiblecomponent of MassTech. MeHI functions as a businessdivision of MassTech2013 Massachusetts eHealth Institute. All Rights 7 Reserved. Confidential. 8. MeHI is the designatedstate agency for: Coordinating health careinnovation, technology andcompetitiveness Accelerating the adoption ofhealth information technologies Promoting health IT to improvethe safety, quality and efficiencyof health care in Massachusetts Advancing the dissemination ofelectronic health recordssystems in all health careprovider settingsMBIMASSACHUSETTSBROADBAND INSTITUTEMeHI is a division of the MassachusettsTechnology Collaborative, a publiceconomic development agency8MeHI OverviewTHE INNOVATION INSTITUTEat the MassTech CollaborativeMeHIMASSACHUSETTSeHEALTH INSTITUTE Tech Hub Collaborative Big Data Consortium Advanced ManufacturingCollaborative Innovation Index Mass Broadband 123 MassVetsAdvisor Interoperable EHR Adoption Connected Communities eHealth Services & Support eHealth ClusterMassachusetts eHealth Institute 9. MeHI | Vision, Mission, Goals2013 Massachusetts eHealth Institute. All Rights 9 Reserved. Confidential. 10. 10eHealthServices &SupportMeHI Initiatives 2014 - 2015ConnectedCommunitieseHealtheQualityOutreach &OperationseHealthClusterDevelopmentCORE VALUESInnovation Insight Collaboration Accountability 11. Overview of the eHealtheQIP Solicitation 12. eHealth eQuality Program / Background MeHI Goal: Advancing dissemination of EHRs in all provider settings and Facilitate networking through Mass HIway Recent survey of MA providers: BH organizations behind other sectors in EHR adoption Primary care providers 96% adoption rate Among specialty providers 86% adoption rate Among BH organizations 55% adoption rate 50% among independent BH orgs (100% among affiliated) c. 224, Acts of 2012: MeHI to give priority to organizations that are: Generally not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs & Lack access to other resources to implement interoperable EHRs Including mental health facilities & community-based BH providers2013 Massachusetts eHealth Institute. All Rights 12 Reserved. Confidential. 13. eQIP: Definitions BH services Evaluate/treat people with mental health or substance use disorders Provided by a professional health care worker, or Substance abuse treatment services licensed or approved by MA DPH BH Providers Must provide direct patient care, and be: Licensed clinicians, or Authorized to provide care under supervision of a licensed professional Affiliated Entities under common control or governance (e.g. subsidiary) or Joined together contractually or through shared entity (e.g., LLC) Patient Services Revenue Net PSR (from 3rd party payers), PLUS Revenue under a state or local contract to provide BH services MeHI reserves the right to further define terms used in this Solicitation2013 Massachusetts eHealth Institute. All Rights 13 Reserved. Confidential. 14. eQIP: Program Requirements All organizations receiving eQIP grant must: Use CEHRT 2011, 2014 or voluntary certification acceptable Submit a questionnaire to HIMSS A-EMRAM To determine EHR adoption baseline Generate Transformation Plan Commit to achieving all milestones Submit reports & attend annual in-person event2013 Massachusetts eHealth Institute. All Rights 14 Reserved. Confidential. 15. eQIP: Eligibility Criteria Organizations must meet all 7 criteria:1) Provide clinical care2) Provide primarily BH services >50% patient services revenue from BH services in MA3) Hold valid license to provide BH programs and services, or Clinical providers have valid professional licenses4) Be organized as a not-for-profit corporation5) Have no financial relationship/affiliation with health care system Some exceptions apply6) Serve a large proportion of public payer clients >50% patient service revenue is public payer7) Not eligible for the EHR Incentive Payment Programs Some exceptions apply Attestation of compliance required2013 Massachusetts eHealth Institute. All Rights 15 Reserved. Confidential. 16. 16eQIP | Detailed Eligibility CriteriaEligibility Criteria Method of Substantiation*1.Provide BH clinical care services in MA Statement of Operations/Income Statementindicating Patient Service Revenue* (PSR)for any month (6/1/14 through 9/30/14)2.Hold license to provide BH clinical careprograms/services in MA, ORIts providers have valid professionallicensesCurrently valid license(s) to provide BHclinical care programs/services (by DPH) orMA DMH certification as provider of BHservices3.Provide primarily BH services(>50% of annual PSR from BHservices in MA)Documentation indicating(1) Percent of PSR for last SFY and(2) Source/amount for all BH PSR (privatepayer(s), Medicaid, Medicare etc.)4.Is a not-for-profit corporation Certificate of Good Standing for a not-for-profitcorporation in MA** Patient Services Revenue = NPSR (3rd party payers) + revenue under a state or localcontract to provide BH services 17. 17eQIP | Detailed Eligibility Criteria (cont.)Eligibility Criteria Method of Substantiation5.No financial relationship/affiliation to ahealth care systemCorporate org chart showing ownership,governance & operational structure5A. Organizations that are part of asystem meet this criteria . . . IF: Annual PSR of parent org is 30% of clinical staff,and Is either independent or annual PSRof parent org is