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VOIP in Kathmandu

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  • 1.Internet and Net Phone service- New Baneshwar Including Old Baneshwar, Shankamul, Shanti Nagar , Tinkune and Anamnagar Marketing Survey Date- May26 - June1,2014 Conducted by- Bhupean Rai

2. Introduction Internet service providers in Nepal Nepal Telecom - Located nationwide Worldlink Communications Mercantile Communications Websurfer Nepal Himalayan Online Service Pvt. Ltd. Worldlink Communications NetMax Technologies Vianet Communications Pvt. Ltd. Subisu Group Namche Networks P. Ltd. Infocom Pvt Ltd Everest Net Pvt. Ltd. 3. Background or Objective- The general background of this market survey or research Leading ISP companies providing internet and net phone service at New Baneshwar area (Including Old Baneshwar, Shankamul, Shantinagar , Tinkune and Anamnagar area). Pricing or rates Plan names and bandwidths and its features. Average Voice minutes (Net Phone) on a daily basis. Top Destinations for voice service Peak Hours Payment procedures Important factors like satisfaction, Quality and price etc. Suggestions and comments 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY- The survey was administered at New Baneshwar during five days from May 26,27,28,30th to June 1, 2014. The purpose of the survey was to collect basic data to compare various ISP companies at New Baneshwar and its services like pricing, features and quality etc.. KEY FINDINGS ADSL Services-Nepal TelecomMonopoly 5. SURVEY METHODOLOGY- Interviews were conducted with the shop owners to gather data. Questionnaires were prepared (Close ended questions). 6. Survey Questionnaires Existing provider name? (for internet and voice) Cost or pricing? Bandwidth? Plan name? Voice minutes on daily basis(Average) Top Destinations? Peak Hours? Payment system? Quality-satisfaction? Important Factors to switch to new provider if not happy? -Price -Quality -Brand Name -Recommendation or others Comments or suggestions? 7. SURVEY TARGETS The goal of the survey was to identify the usage of Net phone services at various cyber cafes at New Baneshwar Area (Including Old Baneshwar, Shankamul, Shantinagar , Tinkune and Anamnagar area). 8. FINDINGS 9. Leading provider- ADSL Nepal telecom-Monopoly ADSL-Nepal Telecom HONS Net Max Classic Tech 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 10. Cost of internet and voice data- Comparison Shop Name ISP Provider Internet Voice Both Bandwidth Nir Vision Communications ADSL- Internet Classic Tech- Voice 1700 3000 Unlimited Plan 256Kbps- ADSL 512Kbps-Classic UNO Cyber Net Max 6000(Net & Voice) Unlimited Plan Communication & Cyber Himalayan Online Service pvt.ltd. 3500(Net & Voice) Unlimited Plan 512Kbps ShantiNagar Stationary ADSL 1017(Net & Voice) Unlimited Plan 128Kbps Eland Communications ADSL 1017(Net & Voice) Unlimited Plan 127Kbps Samrat Communications ADSL 1695(Net & Voice) Unlimited Plan 300Kbps 11. Shop Name ISP Provider Internet Voice Both Bandwidth Chitwan Cyber Cafe Himalayan Online Service 4000(Net & Voice) Unlimited Plan 512Kbps Cyberland ADSL 7000(Net & Voice) Unlimited Plan 1Mbps Guru Kripa Cyber & Mobile Shop ADSL-Internet Voice-Easy Call 3050 1000(As per required)- 3000 average monthly Unlimited Plan 512Kbps Broad Cyber Himalayan Online Service 3000 Unlimited Plan 1Mb (Fiber) Panetta Communications ADSL 600(As per required) Not Working right now Unlimited Plan 256Kbps 12. ADSL SERVICES-NEPAL TELECOMMONOPOLY Shop Name ISP Provider Internet Voice Both Bandwidth Shree Brothers & Communications ADSL 1700 Unlimited Plan Ayusa Stationary ADSL 1700 Unlimited Plan Royal Digital & Cyber ADSL 1700 Unlimited Plan 13. Top Destinations- India 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 India Japan Gulf Countries Europe Malaysia Royal Digital & Cyber Ayusa Stationary Shree Brothers & Communications Panetta Communications Broad Cyber Guru Kripa Cyber & Mobile Shop Cyberland Chitwan Cyber Cafe Samrat Communications Eland Communications ShantiNagar Stationary Communication & Cyber UNO Cyber Nir Vision Communications 14. PEAK HOUR- 5-9 P.M. Evening 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Evening 5-9 P.M Morning 8-10A.M Afternoon 12-2P.M Nir Vision Communications UNO Cyber Communication & Cyber ShantiNagar Stationary Eland Communications Samrat Communications Chitwan Cyber Cafe Cyberland Guru Kripa Cyber & Mobile Shop Broad Cyber Panetta Communications Shree Brothers & Communications Ayusa Stationary Royal Digital & Cyber 15. Voice Minutes- Customers use every day (Average) Shop Name Hours (Daily Basis) Destinations Nir Vision Communications 1hr India UNO Cyber Not working right now India Communication & Cyber 30 mins India & Gulf Shanti Nagar Stationary 1hr India, Gulf & Europe Eland Communications 15 mins India,Gulf,Europe & Malaysia Samrat Communications 1hr India,Japan,Gulf & Malaysia Chitwan Cyber Cafe 2-3hrs India 16. Shop Name Hours (Daily Basis) Destinations Cyberland 1-2hrs India,Europe,Japan & Malaysia Guru Kripa Cyber & Mobile Shop 2hrs India, Japan, Europe & Gulf Broad Cyber 5-6hrs India Panetta Communications Not working right now India, Europe etc. Shree Brothers & Communications 2hrs India & Japan Ayusa Stationary 1hr India, Europe & gulf Royal Digital & Cyber Not working right now India 17. Payment or Billing procedure- Monthly Quality and Satisfaction- Most of them are satisfied Quality Good(can be better) Technical problem solved on time through calls 18. RESULTS BY QUESTION Are they ready to switch Providers? If YES ! then what factors motivates them? Most of them said will think about it Those who said will think about it, for them Cost and quality is important factor. 19. ISPs and Coverage- Provider Service Coverage Contact NTC ADSL Almost 75 district http://ntc.net.np WiMAX Major cities of Nepal NCELL 3G Internet Major cities of Nepal and in Mount Everest base camp http://ncell.com.np World Link Cable Zoom Some part of Kathmandu http://wlink.com.np Wi Zoom 20. Provider Service Coverage Contact Broadlink WiFi Central development region, Western development region and some part of Eastern development region http://broadlink.com Subishu WiFi Some area of Kathmandu http://www.subisu.net.np Classic Tech WiFi Some part of Kathmandu valley http://www.classic.com.np UTL CDMA Many area in country http://utlnepal.com 21. Provider Service Coverage Contact Mercantile WiFi Some part of Kathmandu valley http://mos.com.np Vianet WiFi Some part of Kathmandu valley http://vianet.com CWC (Cherry World Communication Pvt Ltd.) WiFi Some part of Kathmandu valley http://www.cwc.com.np 22. Installation Cost ISP Installation Cost Worldlink Communications Rs. 3000.00 Deposit: Rs. 1000.00 refundable*Conditions apply. VAT applicable on all costs *Refundable amount will be returned after the device is handed over to any of worldlink branch Mercantile Communications Subscription Charge: Rs 2,000 (per year) Installation charge: As per requirement Contract period: 12 months Payment terms: 3 months in advance Websurfer Terms and Conditions : Installation charge = NRs. 3000 Refundable Security Deposit = NRs. 1000 Wireless equipment will be provided by Websurfer till the contract period. Cable cost will be charged separately, Client can manage the cable by their own or purchase from Websurfer @ Rs.30/meter. Above quoted prices are exclusive of VAT. 23. ISP Installation Cost Himalayan Online Service Pvt. Ltd Installation :- Rs. 5000 Fiber Installation Rs. 55/m and media converter Rs. 8000 Note: All above rates are exclusive VAT. Net Max At least advance payment of 3 months is required. Installation of additional outdoor CPE may be required. Internet telephony service under the brand name "CALL MAX" is available in most of the cities through our distributor network. CALL MAX is popular for reasonable call rates and unmatched voice clarity to communicate with family and friends abroad. VIANET 14,999 for 3 months internet with installation(Offer) Nepal Telecom ADSL Broadband Internet Registration fee : NRs 500.00 only (one time charge) (Excluding taxes) 24. CONCLUSION NTC ,Himalayan Online Service, World link, Subisu Net, Ncell and Broad link are the main players in the market in Nepal. NTC after launching its ADSL, its subscriber base increased rapidly. ADSL provided by NTC is a widely available and cost effective solution that satisfies Internet need of majority of users. 3G internet by NCELL is perhaps one of the fastest internet in Nepal, however it drains your purse in a wink compared to any other services. Likewise, UTL provides CDMA Internet services but it requires good signal strength to have desired speed. Once again we can say Nepal Telecom is the leading Internet Service provider in Nepal held a monopoly at New Baneshwar area. THANK YOU