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Potential VC

Background 1. Founded by serial internet entrepreneur and prolific angel investor, Doug Scott

2. Doug made 25 angel investments in 2 years, leading angel rounds and bringing in other angel investors

3. This soon became the Potential UKAngelList syndicate managed by a team of 3

Team Doug Scott

Serial internet entrepreneur + angel investorBuilt numerous online businesses such as rentalcars.co.uk, discount vouchers, compare99.

James Routledge

Founded matchchat and nownative. Raised $1m in VC and Angel funding. Products used by 130 websites, reaching 50m monthly impressions.Yee-Mun

Co- founded Scarlett of Soho (acquired), the worlds first eyewear subscription service. A female founders in tech advocate and former agency content strategist.


Co-founded Scarlett of Soho (acq), managed multi-national syndicates for Barclays. Advisor to Leaf.fm, Casehub and Hackajob.


Early stage technology startups* A working product live Minimum 6 weeks of traction An exceptional founding team**

*We only invest in UK based startups that are SEIS eligible.**We like to meet teams early, when they are not fundraising, so that we can build a genuine & authentic relationship.

Invest Syndicate Advise Grow

Invest We make the first move* We set the valuation We agree the legal terms We can lead the round**

*Potential will invest 10k - 25k.**Our syndicate will invest 100k - 150k.We usually take up the entire SEIS allocation.

Syndicate We assist our startups in raising their perfect round of funding

Largest and most active angel syndicate in Europe with 193 angels

Steve Pankhurst, David Pritchard, Andrew Weisz, Damien Lane and more

Portfolio have raised from and others

Advise Team of entrepreneurs who get it* We understand the struggles Boast an incredible tech network Wide skill set from product sales**

*Successful and failed founders, weve raised VC, sold companies, killed them. We have the scars.**We have a wide-ranging background from finance, content, marketing, operations and sales.

Grow Assist with user/customer acquisition* Experts in all forms of online marketing PPC, SEO, Social, Content Potential.co websites do 3m visits per day** Potential Newsletter goes to7k people in tech

*We host our portfolio at Potential HQ to show them the black magic of online marketing. **Across 30 different profitable online businesses.

Featured Portfolio


Testimonials continued

Investment Model 10-12 investments per year No fees to startups or investors Either; take additional advisory shares for real value add* Or; charge a 20% carry to investors on deals syndicated via AngelList** *Standard option agreement with 2 year vesting.**15% to Potential, 5% to AngelList.

FAQ Why do we use AngelList? AngelList, an FCA-authorised company, provides a tech and legal platform that enables us to raise investment for startups efficiently from multiple investors.Do investors appear on the cap table? No, Capita IRG Trustees Ltd. acts as a nominee, holding the shares of the investors to keep the cap table clean. Do you lead a round? Yes, but not always. If its a very early-stage round (