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  1. 1. Savour Foods A tasteful choice
  2. 2. Group Members Emaan Khan Hira Amjad Arhama Rafique Zahra Saleem Aroosa Aslam
  3. 3. Addition Of Chinese dishes in Savour foods.
  4. 4. Owner of Savour Foods Mohammad Naeem Butt is a Business Icon of the business community of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. He started selling pulao at cart at Gordon College Road Rawalpindi in early 80s. Mohammad Naeem Butt realized the need of the emerging customers at large. He started planning to develop the Dining place which may fulfill the increasing demand of the customers. The market research was made by him based on his personal experience and result was positive with respect to future growth of his business.
  5. 5. BRIEF HISTORY OF SAVOUR FOODS /BRANCHES Our enterprising odyssey begin way back in 1988 on Gordon College Road, Rawalpindi under the name SAVOUR FOODS. On 7th August 2001, we inaugurated our new branch in the Melody Food Park, Islamabad. Our confidence propelled to new heights as our daughter branch proud to be a resounding success and 24th March, 2005 saw the sign board of SAVOUR FOODS hoisted in the Blue Area, Islamabad.
  6. 6. CONTINUED. The same year we celebrated the Nations Independence Day by inaugurating yet another branch in Food Street, Cricket Stadium Rawalpindi. It was in this branch that we launched our new brand SAVOUR KRISPO in 2008. In 2010 this new brand was introduced in Gordon College Road branch. Hopefully, very soon the people shall experience the mouth-watering tastes of these delights as well as our new Chinese dishes not only in Rawalpindi and Islamabad but also in other cities of Pakistan.
  7. 7. Managers Good relations with the workers (interpersonal roles and human skills). They have leading, motivating, organizing and controlling qualities. They make perfect decisions, plans and guide them according to these plans. For our Chinese program we are selecting managers who have most of the management skills, who can perform most of the management functions and roles.
  8. 8. Nature of business Old Products: Pulao Kabab Zarda Fast Food items Ice cream New Products: Chinese dishes ( Chinese rice, Chinese soup and Chinese spaghettis)
  9. 9. Need and importance of adding Chinese People taste towards Chinese. Many restaurants are offering now Chinese food. Many weddings food menu, functions and parties include Chinese food in there menu. To increase our customers. More productivity, profitable outcome.
  10. 10. Motto and mission statement Motto: To provide quality and clean Pakistani food, fast food and especially Chinese at reasonable prices. Mission Statement: To be leader in Quality food at most reasonable prices and preferred choice of enthusiastic manpower.
  11. 11. Quality of Food Nutritious and hygienic products Freshness, fineness and cleanness are always taken into consideration Not compromise on our principles of providing hygienic food.
  12. 12. Nature of Workers Hire Relaxed, very friendly Well-trained and experienced Motivated and encouraged by their manager for Chinese food also
  13. 13. Technology Since 2002 mechanized rice plant system Have competitive engineers and technology system Own rice processing plant Latest plant for making shami kababs
  14. 14. We have increased output, minimize the cost by controlling wastage. Saving time technology, manage the high demands of the customers. Maintains the international hygienic standards.
  15. 15. Facilities and rewards given to employees Free Medical services Provident fund Accommodation to the lower staff Transportation Minimum salary 10,000
  16. 16. Services provided to Customers Premier dining experience in elegant setting around. High standard friendly environment. Delivery on demand at large scale. Packing according to convenience. Special orders are hosted prestigiously. Food arrangements on the seminars and other official meetings
  17. 17. Organizational environment Internal Environment External Environment Organizational Environment
  18. 18. Specific and General Environment of Savour foods Competitors Customers Suppliers Pressure Groups
  19. 19. The success of the Chinese arrival. To introduce as many multiple dishes. Opening of its branches in other cities of Pakistan. To provide neat, clean and quality food in future. To improve food requirements of foreigners. To increase the number of customers by advertising more. To increase marketing share.
  20. 20. Planning Introduce three Chinese dishes Appoint top level manager Head chef from china and some employers To advertise Different packages like: We will serve free Chinese spaghettis plate on buying of any Chinese item to customers in the first week after its inauguration.
  21. 21. Timings and code of conduct: Working hours Shift work Breach Dress code Security and safety policy Attendance policy
  23. 23. Delicious products Good quality food Quick delivery of take away Sufficient quantity Packing according to customers need and convenience Shami kabab processing machine Suitable locations Management
  24. 24. WEAKNESSES Delays in the filling of dine inn orders during Rush hours. Unavailability of place for large groups during rush hours. Limited to certain areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad Conflict with Capital Development Authority
  25. 25. People of other cities like Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi also admire the taste and quality of Savour foods when they visit Islamabad and Rawalpindi. So, we can open branches in highly dense above mentioned cities as the growth rate of our brand is seems to be very high. One more opportunity is that Savour foods can introduce dishes other than Pakistani dishes like Italian, Chinese etc. Savour Foods have successfully introduced some of the Chinese dishes now.
  26. 26. THREATS Increasing inflation rate Increased Sales Tax High transportation cost Economic backwardness Law and order situation. Changing attitude of customers
  27. 27. BCG Matrix: BCG Stands for: Boston Consulting Group It is strategy tool that guides resource allocation decision on the basis of market share and growth rate of strategic business unit. BCG Matrix is composed according to following criteria: Market share. (measured on x-axis) Expected future growth. (measured on y-axis)
  28. 28. successful organization in twin cities (RWP & ISB). Foods are cheap, reasonable quantity wise. staff is friendly and helpful. they keep a very good relation with their employees, customers & stakeholders as well. blend of both omnipotent view and symbolic. It has a number of customers
  29. 29. Thank you..