How Leaders Truly Transform Businesses

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  1. 1. TRANSFORM BUSINESSES Disrup'on and transforma'on is nothing new. Agility, innova'on, and opera'onal excellence form the basis for sustainable growth. HOW LEADERS TRULY by Faisal Hoque founder of
  2. 2. Ex/nc/on is the rule. Survival is the excep/on. Carl Sagan
  3. 3. sustainable transforma/on is the greatest leadership and management challenge of our /mes. WITH THE RAPID CHANGE of the social-technology-economic climate
  4. 4. Sooner or later almost every organiza'on needs to transform or diversify from their original market intent. Disruption & Transformation is nothing new.
  5. 5. Started o in 1971 selling espresso makers and coee beans. AGer his visit to Italy in 1983, Howard Schultz was determined to actually brew and sell coee in a European-style coeehouse and transformed Starbucks into the na'onwide coee sensa'on it has become today. STARBUCKS
  6. 6. GE was founded as an electricity generator and producer of ligh'ng components to create the power industry. But over its 130 plus year history, it has con'nually challenged itself to innovate and has produced everything from light bulbs to jet engines. GE
  7. 7. Started as an electronics shop in a bomb-damaged department store building in Tokyo and evolved into a mul'na'onal conglomerate. SONY
  8. 8. Started as a consumer appliance company that made radio tubes. Today, its one of the largest defense contractors in the world, and makes microwave communica'ons systems and cruise missiles. RAYTHEON
  9. 9. In 1966, Nintendo started producing electronic games and consoles and eventually became famous for Super Mario and Donkey Kong video games.However, the company existed several centuries before that. Producing everything from playing cards to vacuum cleaners, and instant rice. NINTENDO
  10. 10. EMBARKING ON A TRANSFORMATION is more than just deciding to do something dierent or expanding into adjacent markets. IT REQUIRES: I. Business Agility II. Sustained Innova'on III.Opera'onal Excellence
  11. 11. Agility is the ability to sense changes in economic condi'ons and the compe''ve landscape, and to proac'vely implement a response. Business Agility
  12. 12. Sustained innova'on is the ability to develop new products, services and methodologies that advance beyond the compe''on, through repeatable processes. Sustained innovation
  13. 13. Opera'onal excellence is the ability to consistently deliver cost-eec've products and services at dened performance levels. Operational Excellence
  14. 14. ENTERPRISES LOOKING TO ENGAGE a transforma've process should prepare themselves by considering the following SEVEN STEPS:
  15. 15. 1 Establish The business purpose of each investment. Is it to enable growth, maintain, or manage risk?
  16. 16. 2 Determine Whether the metrics you use have changed along with modica'ons in business, processes, and/or technology.
  17. 17. 3 Agree Upon metrics that show agility, innova'on, and opera'onal excellence.
  18. 18. 4 Understand The economic environment and how your organiza'on adjusts its strategy to changes in the environment.
  19. 19. 5 Create The management capabili'es that support priori'za'on, consolida'on, and standardiza'on to manage and dene the requirements needed in support of a collabora've culture.
  20. 20. 6 Translate The business strategy into tac'cal plans for short-term and long-term value crea'on.
  21. 21. 7 Instill In teams the behaviors and values that will lead to the best use of informa'on for customer, supplier, and partner rela'onships.
  22. 22. A ONE-TIME MAKEOVER DOES NOT CUT IT. This requires new organiza'onal structures, the crea'on and sharing of new kinds of informa'on, and new decision- making processes. TRANSFORMATION IS NOT A SINGULAR EVENT. GROWTH THROUGH INNOVATION NEEDS TO BECOME PART OF ANY ORGANIZATIONS SOUL.
  23. 23. We have to assume that everything we thing is right today will bewrong tomorrow. - Everything Connects nd out more @
  24. 24. About Me Founder of Shadoka and other companies. Shadoka enables entrepreneurship, growth, and social impact. Formerly of GE and other global brands. Author of several books, including Everything Connects How to Transform and Lead in the Age of Crea:vity, Innova:on and Sustainability (McGraw Hill, Spring 2014) and Survive to Thrive 27 Prac:ces of Resilient Entrepreneurs, Innovators, And Leaders (Mo/va/onal Press, 2015).Follow me |