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Text of You Suck at Email Presentation by Julia Roy


  • I have bad news

  • you suck at email.

  • But

  • its not your fault.

  • You were never taught.

  • To get your drivers license

    you had to sit next to some

    guy and prove you could drive

  • And if you made too many

    mistakes, you didnt get your


  • And if our emailing was like our driving

  • Wed all look like this.

  • And just like our cars are not responsible for the accidents we get ourselves into

  • email is not responsible for the disaster that is our


  • We are.

  • Because were using it wrong.

  • Were using it for way more than it was

    intended to do.

  • We use email to

  • manage our important projects

  • remind us of what we need to get done

  • serve as our default task & to-do list

  • communicate with anyone & everyone

  • manage everything and anything related

    to our work

  • share & receive all kinds of information

  • organize a neighborhood

    block party

  • keep up with whats happening in

  • our world,

  • our industry,

  • our business,

  • our local community,

  • the lives of our friends, family and


  • & the list goes on*

    *and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on,and on, and on, and on, and on, and on,and on, and on, and on,and on, and on, and on and on.

  • Were constantly complaining about

    our inbox

  • and yet we cant stop checking it.

  • Why?

  • Because were addicted to it.

  • Seriously.

  • Email is a drug.

  • At least, to our brain it is.

  • It taps into our brains natural

    dopamine-fueled reward system.

  • Its the chemical in your head that

    causes us to want & desire things.

  • Its stimulated by anticipation and unpredictability.

  • This is why email is a big dopamine


  • Because its unpredictable.

  • We dont know who will email us or when.

  • So, all day, everyday

  • we anticipate the unpredictability of

    what might be there that wasnt there a minute ago

  • and

  • doing email gives us a sense

    of progress.

  • A feeling that were getting sh*t done.

  • But its an illusion,

  • because

  • theres a negative relationship between email & productivity.

  • The more time spent on email throughout the

    day, the less productive one feels.

  • Since turning off, boycotting or

    banning email isnt a (realistic) solution

  • lets get better at it.

  • really, really goodvlets get better at it.

  • To be

    at emailreally, really good

  • all you have to do

  • is follow 7 simple email best practices:

  • #1 How and when to properly use

    (and stop abusing) the To"

    "cc"and "bcc" fields

  • #2 Exactly what to should think

    about before you hit that "Reply

    All" button

  • #3 How tocraft awesome and

    effective subject lines

  • #4 Why you should think like

    ajournalist, not a novelist, when

    writing emails

  • #5 How to expertly usebullets,

    numbers and choices to increase

    action and responses to emails

  • #6 Tactics to avoid the vortex of

    back and forth replies and long

    email threads

  • #7 The 3 vital pieces of information

    that should be in your email


  • To: cc:



  • To: cc:


  • Ask the question:Do they need to take action

    or respond in some way?

  • To: cc:


  • Ask the question:Do they need to take action

    or respond in some way? If no cc them.

  • When I send an email to one person, theres a 95% chance Ill get a

    reply. When I send to ten people, the response

    rate drops to 5%.

  • To: cc:


  • If emailing someone with to: OR cc:

    dont put anyone in bcc:

  • If emailing more than a few friends

    put everyone in bcc:(to hide their email)

  • Give the Gift of:

    Im moving [name] to bcc

    when someone doesnt need to be involved anymore

  • Reply All:2

  • Q: When should you use Reply All?

    A: Almost never.

  • Someone transmits good news to

    nine people. Do all nine need to see

    that you said, Great news!?

    No, they dont. Dont use Reply All.

  • Meeting organizer asks if everyone is

    available Wednesday at 10 am. You have a conflict, but can suggest some

    alternatives. Does the group need to

    see your availability? Or can the organizer collect the responses, and

    propose a new time that will work?

  • Yes, she can. Dont use Reply All.

  • The organizer of a party asks if anyone has a conflict with the middle of January. Does the whole planning party need to know that you

    dont have a coflict? (No.) If it wont work, would it be useful for everyone to know that

    we need to keep looking for a good date?

  • Yes.

  • Subject Lines3

  • How to write subject lines that make doves cry

  • Bad subject lines:

  • Try to fit the ENTIRE email

    into the subject line.

    Bad for storage units. Good for


  • Subject: Hey

    Body: When will you

    be in the office today?

  • Subject:

    When will you be in the

    office today? EOM

  • EOM

    (end of message)

  • NNTR(no need to respond)

  • [ ]

  • [ACTION]



    [DECISION NEEDED] Picking the new logo today - do you like A, B or C?

  • [DECISION NEEDED] [NEW LOGO] Due today - do you like A, B or C?


  • [SCHEDULING] Choose Tues. or Wed. @ 5pm

    for meeting w/ Jessica



    Choose Tues. or Wed. @ 5pm [EOM]


  • [URGENT] [msgNETCONOMY] Review and respond by EOD today


  • Fix bad subject lines

  • Be a Journalist

    NOT a Novelist


  • Examples of

    Main Points Up Front

  • Were going ahead with the

    deal. To close it, Ill need you to

    gather three years of financials,

    and have them ready by Friday.

  • Our press release announcing

    our joint venture with Netconomy

    will be released tomorrow. Do you like the headline below?

  • Ive got a Fortune 500 client who

    wants to discuss staff training.

    Can you fly to Phoenix for a

    Thursday meeting?

  • Bullets 2.Numbers

    & Choices


  • Bullets, numbers and choices are a gift to the recipient.

    It makes their response


  • Examples of

    Bullets, Numbers

    and Choices

  • The following flavors will be ordered:

    Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry Rocky Road Peanut Butter Fudge

  • We will visit the following cities, in this order:

    1. New York 2. Washington, D.C. 3. Chicago 4. Minneapolis 5. San Diego

  • Here are our options. Please choose.

    1.End all negotiations and terminate contract. 2.Respond with counter-proposal 3.Execute contract. (If this is chosen, please also email signed contract.)

  • Close The Loops6

  • Coffee is

    for closers!

    (loop closers)

  • Examples

    of Open Loops

    and Closed Loops

  • Lets get together for lunch. What day is good? Where do you want to

    go? Should we invite other departments or keep it a team


    Open Loops

  • Lets get together for lunch. Im thinking Thursday at 11:30 (to

    avoid the rush) at Chipotle. Lets keep it just a team lunch this time, but maybe next time, well invite

    others. Work for you?

    Closed Loops

  • Here is the full proposal. PLMKYTASAP.

    Open Loops

  • Useful Signatures


  • 3 critical pieces of


    1. phone number 2. address 3. blog / recent article

    *Can have different

    nuances on platforms

    like iOS & Android.

  • One-click calls

  • One-click maps

  • Bonus


  • Get hyper(links)

    Bonus #1

  • Check out our press release in PR Newswire:


  • Pro:

    Check out our article in PR Newswire.

  • Stop saying Thank You

    Bonus #2



  • Now go make email awesome for you and everyone you email!

  • Because now you know:

  • 1. We can use TO, CC & B