A dogs purpose

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2. This book is about a dogthat goes through four lives(that could not have been more different)trying to find his purposeTobyWas a stray mutt puppyPut downreborn asDied ofA loyal family dog, saved Ethans life manyBaileyold age timesreborn asEllie A fierce police dog, saved many peoples lives Dies ofold age. reborn asReturns to Ethan, finds his PURPOSE Buddy 3. I wonderedWill Buddy go to heaven (this time) after he dies? 4. W. Bruce Cameron wrote this book He himself has wondered about our purposein life & He hopes somebody will discover the purposesometime in the future after reading the book 5. I connected instantly with this bookBecause it is similar to Cracker, another book I love 6. My favorite part of the book Buddy 7. I like the book because It has lot of detail Shows how dogs might think of the world And .LifeLife LifeLifeLife 8. Thank you!