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BEARDED DRAGON (POGONA) by: Calvin Pietron From Fessenden school, in grade 6

Calvin pietron bearded dragon (pogona)

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Text of Calvin pietron bearded dragon (pogona)

  • BEARDED DRAGON (POGONA)by: Calvin Pietron From Fessenden school, in grade 6
  • Appearance Many scales Many spikes Long tailed Big Ferocious
  • Habitat Tree branches Trees Rocks Bushes Fence post Glass cages
  • Life Cycle 5-8 years Sometimes 12 Females lay 20 eggs They hacth in 55-75 days
  • Diet Omnivores Insects Chopped up vegetables Pinky mice worms
  • Predators Goannas Pingoes Birds of prey Wild dogs Big cats
  • How the species contributesto the diversity of life Hunts bugs that are bad for the environment Theyre not dangerous Protects other animals
  • How Humans continue to harmthe environment of youranimal Cutting down their habitat (trees) Hunting them Poisoning them Killing them
  • What can be done to help itsurvive Stop cutting down trees Stop hunting them Stop hunting them Stop poisoning them
  • Fun facts Half of its body is its tail It opens its beard when he is scared They grow up to two feet long Opens its mouth to cool down
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