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7 habits of highly effective websites presentation

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Learn the 7 habits of highly effective websites

Text of 7 habits of highly effective websites presentation

  • 1. Presented by Antoine Dupont CEO Admin eSolutions Corporate Websites Solutions
  • 2. Some stats to be aware of: 75% never look beyond page 1 in Google search 65% of US Internet users use social network 152 millions blogs on the internet 65% of population read blogs Social Networking peaks at 7am & 8pm Link sharing peaks at 7am Comments on blogs peaks at 8am 1 out of 8 minutes is spent on Facebook
  • 3. Habit # 1 Effective Home Page 4-7 second window to make itor not Visitors will look at an average of 17 sites Professional & Well designed Its a Visual Experience People DO NOT READ Less is more Easy to Navigate Web credibility: 46% Design 28.5% Information Layout 14.1% Name recognition
  • 4. Habit #2 Quality content Need lots of it (10 pages minimum) Tell a story/narrative vs. marketing speak Keyword rich ( Focus on Page Title & Opening paragraph Half Page with bullets Clear call to action: Get Started vs. Register Click here vs. Submit Red vs. Green or Blue
  • 5. Habit #3 Quality images Small image to support the content/story Theyll forget the words, theyll remember the images Dont forget alt tags (image description) Are all your images licensed? Human photos double the results!
  • 6. Habit #4 Content is Optimized What are your keywords? (need 10-20) Your keywords are not necessarily what you think High Traffic vs. Highly Competitive Plenty of easy to use tools (many for FREE): Google Keyword Search tools Google Analytics ($47/month)
  • 7. Habit #5 Easy to call action Make it clear & self evident (Grandma test) Donate Button with one stop checkout No account sign up required Simple straight forward Short forms ask for less and youll get more Red buttons vs. Green or Blue Red button increased conversion rate by 34%
  • 8. Habit #6 Tell them what to do Provide multiple means of contact Ask question form Provide phone, email, fax, address Next step is________ Make it easy to engage Calendar of events Subscribe, Download this, etc Who, what, when, where & how?
  • 9. Tip #7 Have a Blog Needs to be keyword rich (especially the Title) Include one small image Tremendously helpful with SEO Include RSS subscription Include email sign up Comments are important Include links (1 every 120 words) Last 3 blogs posted on your home page Blog is not an Advertisement or a News article Write Blog Mon., Email Tues., Post on Facebook on Wed., Post on LinkedIn on Thur & Twitter on Fri.
  • 10. Bonus Habit # 8 Social Networking Engage, Share & Be relevant (aka useful) Peak time is 7am-10am Automatically push content via HootSuite Like & Comments are vital Re-Tweet, Like & Link others
  • 11. Bonus Habit #9 Email Marketing Its all about driving traffic to your website Its not a Newsletter or a Flyer or a Poster Value based vs. Sales driven Compelling subject line (65% delete) Real name & email address (not [email protected] or [email protected])
  • 12. What irritates People : 1. Pop Up Ads: 93% 2. Having to download software: 89% 3. Dead Links: 86% 4. Confusing Navigation: 84% 5. Required registration: 83% 6. Slow loading pages: 83% 7. Ineffective search tool: 80%

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