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  • Content Inspiration for 2014 The new way to create original content
  • Carrie Sloan How to create valuable content for readers: Its the personal stories of seeing how other people are struggling with money, or how theyre making progress on money. People want to know how other people did it. The other thing that I can point to is content that lets you compare and contrast. For example, we did a story, Whats your retirement number? The new way to create original content Editor in Chief LearnVest
  • Sofia Quintero How to understand your audience: We talk to customers every single day. I try to talk to as many customers as possible to understand what they like about us, what they dont like. I think it is important to create content and continuously ask yourself: Is this going to be helpful for anybody, is it going to be insightful, is it going to change anything? The new way to create original content Growth Firestarter GeckoBoard
  • Andy Smith Is content marketing different? Is content marketing different or faddish compared to what has come before? I dont think so. But it is different, and it has tentacles that will extend to reshape other aspects of marketing. Eventually, as with social marketing before it, it will no longer be thought of as distinct, but simply as an element of a complete marketing program. Its more important to simply manage content efforts to do the best possible job solving problems for customers and for the company, and expect those efforts to be increasingly integrated over time. The new way to create original content Author The Dragonfly Effect
  • Alexis Grant How to find your audience: Offering free information thats truly valuable and helpful to your target community is really the best way to get started. But even once you create that value, youve got to help people know about it. Where to promote content: Dont try to be everywhere. Pick two or three social platforms that suit you and do them really well, rather than trying to grow a following on every channel. The new way to create original content Innovator-in-Chief Socialexis
  • Ash Davies What is the future of self-publishing: I think its social. I think the entire publishing model is going to be flipped around. It wont be a case anymore of you have to write something, then submit a manuscript, then get rejected, and then have small commissions for someone else to sell your book. I think its going to be completely reversed. Youll start publishing the day you start writing. People will start reading and following your work while its in progress. The new way to create original content Founder Tablo