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    Tiany & Yves MBA-2A

  • HOME page The Concept

  • Our Suggestions The storytelling should focus on literature and espicially the French one Dene a slogan : Come and Write the story with us The website should be designed as a book. For each secFon, when you click, the page will turn. Your current photos do not reect your posiFoning as as the The 1 st Paris literary hotel (the library is almost empty). We advice you to make another selecFon of photos to beQer illustrate your unique concept. The liQle concept descripFon is too simple and factual. The customers need more emoFon and want to be part of YOUR story. Create an introducFon video before entering the website. This tool designed as a book (similar to the website) will show dierent images of the hotel.

  • HOME page The History

  • Our Suggestions

    The Ftle of this page is not well appropriated You do not narrate us a real story but only describe the hotel The customers want to have THE story of the hotel, of the building The idea would be to present it as a biography (link with literature)

  • Rooms page

  • Our Suggestions

    The room descripFon is basic. There is not any link with literature. It does not provide any emoFon to customers The text could refer to the French literature and authors - ie: Come to sleep with Victor Hugo and discover his materworks, relaxing in our splendid bathroom )

  • Lounges page

  • Our Suggestions

    You do not present your books collecFon available for guests. You do not invite them to a real realxing experience, while reading or discovering a French novel.

  • Location page

  • Our Suggestions We advice you to add famous libraries and secret bookshops in Paris. - Ulysse bookshop (specialized in travel) - Galignani (the rst English bookshop established on the conFnent - W.H. Smith (the Parisian English bookshop) - La Hune (in the heart of Saint germain des Prs area, opened unFl

    midnight during the week!) - Walk along the Seine river to discover the famous Parisian


  • Our Suggestions

    In all the website secFons , we recommend you to create automoaFc slide show to present your hotel. It will give an overview of your hotel so the guests will be able to feel the atmosphere and the real Le Pavillon des LeQres experience.