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  • millennial momsconnecting through better brand content

  • Todays millennial supermoms are also power consumers. Winning over their hearts and minds begins with a strong brand story and a sound strategy.

    Here are some key insights to help you understand and connect with this critical segment.

  • Shes connected and creative.

  • Millennial moms are among the top consumers and sharers of visual media on Instagram and Pinterest. Theyre exposed to a constant stream of creative ideas, inspiration and innovation.

    have even tried selling handmade goods online39%


  • tipGive them beautiful creative and bite-sized content that is share-worthy.

  • Shes persnickety about quality.

  • When it comes to her child, millennial moms want the very best.

    Millennial moms report that Safety and Value are the top decision drivers when evaluating brands.

    Source: 2015_State_of_Modern_Motherhood_Report1.pdf

  • tipMatch the production quality of your content to the product or service quality you want to portray.

  • She keeps it real.

  • Millennial moms value transparency and authenticity, and have a keen sense for spotting fakers.

    of millennial moms pay more attention to ads that feature imagery of real moms.


    Source: True-Stories-of-the-Modern-Family_Go-to-Market_report-highlights.pdf

  • tipUse lifestyle imagery and keep it authentic to resonate with her reality.

  • She buys brands that share her values.

  • Millennials are debunking stereotypes and redefining the modern family(think single parents, LGBTQ parents and stay-at-home dads).

    Source: True-Stories-of-the-Modern-Family_Go-to-Market_report-highlights.pdf

    millennial parents are more likely to purchase a product if the brand features diverse family types.


  • tipFocus on your brands higher purpose to build loyalty based on values, not features.

  • Social is good

  • Use of YouTube by moms is growing from generation to generation. Its now the second most popular social platform and the #1 video platform for this segment.

    of millennial moms use YouTube weekly, a 15% increase over Gen X moms.


    Sources: BabyCenter_2014_Millennial_Mom_Report.pdf,

    1in 5 online video viewers are moms

  • but multi-platform is better.

  • Millennial moms are extraordinary researchers, relying heavily on reviews before and during the purchase process.

    reference Amazon reviews68%

    Source: 2015_State_of_Modern_Motherhood_Report1.pdf

    reference other retailers reviews63%reference third-party reviews52%

  • tipImplement a diversified strategy including channel partner engagement and online reputation management.

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