Search, Content and Getting Found - Digital Strategy Conference

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In this dynamic session, search marketing leader Barbara ’WebMama’ Coll will update you on how search engines find your content, how to identify gaps and assess whether you have the right content on your site as well as on the distributed web content you control. She’ll walk through examples of site redesigns and domain name changes; focusing on how to ensure findability and visibility during and afterwards.

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  • 1. Barbara Coll CEO, Inc. @webmama Content, Search and Getting Found

2. 2 Title of Talk: Content, Search and Getting Found Getting Found for What? 3. 3 Getting Found for What? Quality Traffic Job Seekers Qualified Potential Customers Customers People familiar with your brand Could be all of the above 4. 4 Getting Found for What? Quality Traffic Job Seekers Qualified Potential Customers Customers People familiar with your brand Could be all of the above 5. 5 Goals of a Keyword Discovery/Optimization Project Specifically looking for 5-20 words/phrases that are highly relevant that can be used for content and source code optimization First step to increasing/maintaining visibility in search engine results for specific words and phrases relevant to what the external audience is looking for Appear in top 3 organic search results for chosen keywords/phrases (*) Get leads from organic search traffic 6. 6 7. 7 Indentifying Gaps Google Webmaster Tools content scrape (*) Ranking Reports (*, Brightedge*) Competitive analysis what are they optimized for are you? Paid Search Keywords (*) Hard one review industry papers see where you are left out see words they use do you? Call Your Mother *Requires an account for detailed information 8. 8 Filling the gaps Paid search is a partner Content development with internal linking Content development outside the site (new policies about guest blogging) Focus on what you can control 9. 9 Brand domination - required 10. 10 And . More Domination 11. 11 How did they find you anyways? Following external links and finding your new content Following your internal links - if you link to a page from the home page then since you think it is important so will the engines You told them through the Webmaster Tools The press release you put out The blog you wrote 12. 12 Story: New Site Design Launched Mar 7. Draft/Beta/Test site had noindex/nofollow meta tags. Werent removed until March 27. Visitor Traffic from Google Organic 13. 13 Domination 14. 14 Maintaining Visibility 15. 15 Case Study - VMware Full L&F and site architecture redesign 36 languages 2M pages Search Visibility Guidelines in Style guide Web Producers and Content Owners Trained on Guidelines 16. 16 Keyword Category Domination Company = VMware Keyword = virtualization 17. @webmama Instances of Keyword/Content * n-basics/what-is-virtualization.html * virtualization.html * * URLs/Filenames the same as pre-redesign 18. 18 Internal Content Links Maintained Footers Imagery Main Nav Video 19. 19 Right about Now Spot check for redirect errors click on organic search results Home page change? 3 hours Sitelinks? 1-3 days Old and new URLs at same time yup some overlap DNS propagation 4-5 days across world Major ranking changes 2 weeks Launch 2-weeks 20. 20 Visual Search Turns Up Lots of Things 21. 21 VMware Case Study - 22. 22 4/25/14 23. 23 Tidemark Domain Change to NO other changes were made during domain change Situation .net had 3400 external links into the site .com had 3 links that were relevant Had to gain Googles trust 24. 24 Switch Occurred 11/14 5:30pm Prior to switch internal links were tested by lots of people Once switched over redirects from .net to .com were tested by a number of people. 404 page was also tested. Once comfortable that site was stable (about 9am next morning) the following steps were taken: Google was informed of switch from .net to .com in 3 ways From .net webmaster tools account we through the switch to tell them we had changed the company domain We asked the engines to fetch the .com pages (a way of getting them to look at the pages sooner) We submitted an automatically generated sitemap which was crawled on 11/18. All actions were also taken with Bing (therefore also Yahoo) 25. 25 External Link Update ( opensiteexplorer) ^86 26. 26 Domain Authority 26 27. 27 Ranking and Traffic Growth Trend line shows keyphrase/words above 51 organic results Organic traffic 28. 28 How Do People Mess Up? Keep old test site rules/code in place Robots.txt excluding important directories or engines themselves Meta Tags that tell the engines what to do No 301 redirects from old pages to new pages Have an error page in place that insults the visitor (or even have no error page in place) Forget to turn on the analytics for tracking the new site Forget to update all content controlled by company especially need to update Google+ They only look at rankings and not at the actual, visible to searchers, results 29. 29 30. 30 31. 31 32. 32 33. 33 Paid Search using assets instead of just text ads 34. 34 26 4 30 33 $409 $1,649 $318 $186 $- $200 $400 $600 $800 $1,000 $1,200 $1,400 $1,600 $1,800 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Oct Nov Dec Jan Leads vs CPL Leads CPL With the addition of white papers the CPL went from over $400 to $180. CTR increased 47% and conversion rate increased 218%. 35. Thank you. @webmama