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Perfect Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy & Boost Effectiveness Instantly define Your ContenT Marketing Strategy with trade shows

1Content is Kingbut Strategy RulesCreating a content marketing strategy doesn't have to be mysteriousLets shine some light on this murky topicWhat do B2C marketers work towards all year? Black Friday when retailers go in the black!Lets apply this concept to B2B What do/should B2B marketers work towards all year?The annual Trade Show because it generates a majority of annual B2B sales!Simple enough now, lets look at some facts

11/24/2014B2B Copywriting & Consulting25 Facts & Stats You Should KnowB2B marketers w/ documented strategy are more effective and less challenged w/ every aspect of content marketing. 1Only 44 % of B2B marketers have a documented content strategy.2Were 39.2% of marketing budgets (2011) - more than any other channel. 34 out of 5 of trade show attendees have buying authority.4Trade show ROI can run into 7 figures -- achieving majority of annual sales. 5

1 - 2B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and TrendsNorth America3 - 4 Source: CEIR: The Spend Decision: Analyzing How Exhibits Fit Into The Overall Marketing Budget 5 Trade Show Selling: How to Close Years Worth of Business in Few Days, by Carl Henry11/24/20143B2B Copywriting & Consulting3Documented Content Marketing Strategy = Improved EffectivenessB2B marketers with a strategy are more effective up to..600%B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and TrendsNorth America11/24/20144B2B Copywriting & Consulting1 B2B Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and TrendsNorth America11/24/20145Opportunity for Savvy MarketersJoe Pulizzi says the real number is 15%!B2B Copywriting & ConsultingAlign Content Marketing Strategy withTrade Show Goals11/24/20146B2B Copywriting & ConsultingTrade Show Prep & Content Strategy AlignmentTrade Show PrepAnnouncementGenerate BuzzBuild & Expand InterestEngage New & Existing Customers

Content StrategyPress Release/Newsletter/FlyerTrade Publication ArticlesWebsite/Email/Social MediaCase Studies/White Papers11/24/20147B2B Copywriting & Consulting7AnnouncementGet the word out!Publish in print and digitally3 4 months prior


B2B Copywriting & ConsultingGenerate BuzzSpecial Trade Pub LiteratureFeature New Products/ServicesHighlight Key Company Attendees11/24/20149

B2B Copywriting & ConsultingBuild & Expand InterestWebsite Promotion Focused Content Email tailored to existing customers w/appointment reservationsSocial Media messages to wider audience


B2B Copywriting & Consulting

EngagementProvide In-depth, compelling contentUncover needs and wantsDocument desiresGet the Appointment11/24/201411B2B Copywriting & ConsultingClose the LoopRefine & customize marketing content to prospects' needsContact qualified leadsQualify other leads


B2B Copywriting & ConsultingStrategy RulesTrade shows represent HUGE opportunity to close salesA Documented content marketing strategy guides youEnsures timely, relevant, & compelling marketing contentSmart marketers plan, prepare & align content marketing with trade show prep because it works

11/24/201413B2B Copywriting & ConsultingCall Alex Milo @ 256-886-4684 to Find Out More About How to Perfect Your B2B Content Strategy and Boost Effectiveness Instantly B2B Copywriting & Consulting

11/24/2014141411/24/201415B2B Copywriting & ConsultingThis presentation was created by:

Alex MiloB2B Copywriter & ConsultantHelping generate leads for transportation & logistics companies

Alex is a professional B2B copywriter and certified SEO copywriter. He consults and writes B2B marketing content helping transportation and logistics companies develop and implement their lead generation strategies.

He's also a certified professional logistician. He has over 25 years of transportation and logistics experience in operational, customer service, and business development positions.

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