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  1. 1. Value Now
  2. 2. Flckr: technochick
  3. 3. Automation
  4. 4. How is your team spending their time?
  5. 5. Understand Adapt Personalize
  6. 6. Rules
  7. 7. TV2 Denmark responds to 1000 more comments a month with the same staff
  8. 8. more than doubled the number of items they responded to
  9. 9. Taco Bell uses rules to create great customer experiences in marketing moments
  10. 10. Spredfast automates labeling of inbound items, freeing up our teams to focus on our flyers. Asiana Ponciano, Specialist, Social Media at Hawaiian Airlines
  11. 11. Value of Social
  12. 12. Structured Labels
  13. 13. Configure Organize Enforce
  14. 14. For Neiman Marcus, structured labels unlocks consistent reporting & measurement for a more holistic view
  15. 15. NFL now labels 100% of outbound content
  16. 16. Kelloggs identifies trends such as product suggestions, requests & complaints
  17. 17. I never knew I needed structured labels, and now I cannot live without them. Shelly Kastner, Director-Social Media, Fidelity
  18. 18. 360 Customer View
  19. 19. Beyond amazing. Made our jobs betterserving more customers and that is incredible Kristi Willis, Associate Director, Global Customer Care, Whole Foods Market
  20. 20. Spredfast Help
  21. 21. Spredfast Help
  22. 22. Spredfast Help
  23. 23. Spredfast Help
  24. 24. Spredfast Help
  25. 25. Spredfast Help
  26. 26. Im actually really excited about this. Its a smart move, and will encourage users to do their own learning and resolve their own problems! Gregory Tan, Manager of Digital Governance, PepsiCo
  27. 27. Typical Audience Process Create Study Validate Study Iterate on StudyAnalyze Data Conclusions/Develop additional Hypotheses Trying out keywords + topic block structure Refining for accuracy + removing unrelated content Run additional studieswith updated keywords + topic blocks Do you have enough data to make an informed decision? Create a new study to answer new questions
  28. 28. Strategic ServicesEnablement and Education Implementation Training Business Consulting Governance Care Hub and Spoke Management Content & Channel Strategy Brand Love/Care Strategy Analytics & Reporting Paid Strategy Creative Services Custom Builds & Integrations Community Management FB Audience Services Professional ServiceTeams Always-On ServiceTeams
  29. 29. Customer Success Spredfast
  30. 30. Value Now