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Thomas Edison said "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration." Ingenious group efforts require (1) a story animating enough to excite the patient and sometimes risky effort required to achieve it, and (2) a rational process by which to direct the effort productively. Process is indispensable. But when problem solvers become immersed in process they can lose sight of the inspiring goal. If problem solvers have lost sight of the goal, they must re-envision it—literally, see it again. Marketers have something to say about this. Bestselling author Seth Godin says that marketers are storytellers. Consumers pretend that they’re rational about products they buy. But consumer data shows people are not rational. Instead people rely on stories. Stories matter! Planners used to tell more stories of their own devising. We used to be professional marketers for strengthening our communities. We need to be professional marketers. Maybe it's time for planners to tell new stories—stories strong enough to change goals—goals planners are specially equipped to pursue. So what's your story?

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  • 1. EVIDENCE How I know theres a language problem.

2. MISSION (accept it) 3. WAR! 4. FOCUS 5. SEDUCTION A future with unlimited freedom, mobility, community, and beauty. 6. Nation Roused 7. THE SHIFT Motorist lobby turns to human psychology. 8. ANTI-PLANNER Jane Jacobs, cantankerous busybody. 9. SYMPTOMS (for new stories) 10. HEALTH Were from the government, and were here to help poison your body with regulated foods. 11. CONSENSUS 12. All good planners love merica. Do you? FREEDOM FIGHTER 13. SPRAWL Falling for the lies of 14. MAD MEN Enter the 15. GRABME. 16. AGENT CHANGEOF BE THE Learn. Focus. Share. 17. MORE! #APAVA14 connect with @Boenau during click me