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An initial walkthrough and initial of how rapiddev works and why it is a must have tool for every titanium mobile developer.


  • Develop Titanium apps at the speed of the web! Welcome to RapidDev! Welcome to RapidDev! Develop Titanium apps at the speed of the web! Matt Apperson - Apperson Labs founder May 10, 2014 appersonlabs.com
  • Who Am I? Owner of Apperson Labs Formerly an engineer at Appcelerator Born from PHP Father & husband
  • We work white label with agencies 75% of the time Mobile is our life blood Specialize in Titanium Native? Yea we do that! NodeJS is great too! Lovers of open source Who we are
  • Some companies we work with
  • Agencies we partner with
  • For too long Mobile dev SUCKED
  • We had some options ! Live reload Near instant deploy REPL to test Easy to share Freely available and open source ! ! 5 sec - 1+ min reloads deploy takes hours Compile code TestFlight is the best?
  • What if native/Ti had the Flexibility of web
  • Dont we have this already?Dont we have this already? TiShadow LiveView The original instant reload JS / compiler based Has REPL Is free/OSS Provided by Appc JS + native Integrated with studio Support provided via Appc platform RapidDev 100% native Use any unit testing framework ZERO JS code changes/insertions is free/OSS Feels, acts & behaves exactly like using Titanium
  • How RapidDev works Builds a base native app with any required modules, and ALL the core Ti code Uses a module to change file paths to read from the document directory Opens a socket connection to your dev computer Files transfer over on save and reloads the app, clearing caches Use ANY testing framework, even your own
  • How RapidDev does NOT work No JS was changed/hacked/replaced No requests had to be made to the server on file load No performance loss No extra abstraction Just like a regular native Ti app. Making testing & debugging easier and more reliable
  • How to install RapidDev $ npm install rapiddev -g *You might need to use sudo
  • Live Reload
  • So easy to use $ ti build --p iOS --rd
  • Want to stop using RapidDev? $ ti build --p iOS
  • Dev Directory
  • No need to add/remove files
  • Unit Testing
  • Running unit tests ti build --p iOS --test ti build --p iOS --test --rd ti build --p iOS --test login
  • RapidDev is not perfect (yet!) 1) No android support 2) No REPL 3) Only works via the Ti CLI 4) It does not have its own logo :(
  • What comes next? More then live reload
  • ANDROID SUPPORT!!! Harder then expected to do in native Java Will use a modified fastdev Will match RapidDev for iOS features
  • CLI / REPL SupportRapidDev.next $ Be able to do things like: $ ti exec file.js -p iOS Run arbitrary code such as $ ti repl > alert(run code in active app); Some native modules need a full app to test or need to run on device $ ti full-build Run RapidDev in server only mode $ rapiddev start
  • RapidDev (Current Protocol) File change Copy file Reload app All files changed Copy one file Reload app Vanilla Titanium App CoffeeScript & Alloy Apps
  • RapidDev.next (Improved Protocol) All Titanium Apps File change Copy file Reload app Are there more files? NO YES Confirm receipt
  • To instantly return to where you were *Checkout the Apperson Labs / Codex Labs workshop tomorrow at 4:30
  • RapidDev Instant Return ti build --rd --return Rating
  • Develop Titanium apps at the speed of the web! Welcome to RapidDev! matt@appersonlabs.com appersonlabs.com @appersonlabs / @mattapperson