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Problems of Pakistan and Their Solutions By Hassaan bin Jalil Ibbtisam Asim

Problems of pakistan and their solutions

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This is a presentation about the basic problems of pakistan. then the solutions to those problems are discussed.

Text of Problems of pakistan and their solutions

  • Problems of Pakistan and Their Solutions By Hassaan bin Jalil Ibbtisam Asim
  • Problems of PakistanPoverty Illiteracy TerrorismFood and water crisisPopulation growth Poor health facilities Internal and international migrationDiscrimination of SexDemocracy in shape of dictatorship Unloyal leaders
  • Problems of PakistanForeign debtChild laborDeviant behavior discourage the rules of law from government representativesInflationInjusticeSmuggling
  • General Issues regarding Partition.Radcliff Awards based issues. => Water head Issue. => Kashmir Issue. => Economic Issues => Migration rehabilitation. => Massacre Issue. => Assets Distribution.
  • Kashmir Issue. Due to Gurdaspur Award India get the access towards the Kashmir. After Indian claims over Kashmir due to accession of the Hindu Mahraja, clash was broken out. Kashmirs border was shared by the N.W.F.P and Punjab also. Tribal sardars of N.W.F.P and Balochistan a civilian armed struggle started. Indian troops arrived on 27 October 1947 to defend Kashmir by air.
  • Division of Assets Field Marshal Sir Auchinleck was strongly opposed the partition of armed forces. Due to political decision he was compelled but he had delayed. 5% of the total capital but 20% of the debt. In terms of cash 750 million Rs was agreed but denied due to Kashmir war. Gandhis fast in favor of Pakistan.
  • Illiteracy Literacy rate: 49.9% educated populace ( Human development Report Pakistan) placed at 136th position for having just. The primary completion rate in Pakistan, given by Date Center of UNESCO, is 33.8% in females and 47.18% in males, which shows thatpeople in the 6th largest country of the world are unable to get the basic education
  • SolutionGovt. shouldIncrease education budgetEstablish more schools and appoint qualified and trained teachersTechnical education must be given to all the classes.Promote primary education
  • TerrorismPakistan plays a key and highly conflicted--role in the global war on terror. Today terrorism is threatening the very roots and fabric of Pakistans nationhood. More tragically, terrorism in Pakistan draws its justification from the very faith which provides the country its ideological bases.
  • ReasonThe major causes of Terrorism in Pakistan are:1- Political Instability2- Economic Conditions3- Standard of Living4- Religious Extremism
  • War on TerrorismWar against terrorism is another very important reason behind the economical problem.War is affecting the worlds economy and is causing problems like shortage of fuel, lack of funds, increase in health problem etc.War benefits none, someone is hurt badly and someone is destroyed completely.
  • SolutionThe real solution is to kill the root of Terrorism and systematically change the attitude of those peoples who are involved in terrorism- Military operations against terrorists are also very ncessary. Education, Justice, Pour politics can stop the Terrorism..
  • Industrial problemsThe reported economic indicators for the Pakistan are: Increase in GDP 6.6 % (India 8.6, China 11.1) Increase in Industrial Production 6.8 % (India 11, China 17.6) Increase in consumer prices 7.7 % (India 7.6, China [ -2 ]) Unemployment - Not Available (India7.6, China 4) Trade Balance [-13.4] bn US $ ( India [-56] , China 204) Current Account balance [-6.4] bn US$ (India10, China 160.8) Currency to US $ 60 (India 42, China 7.7) Budget Deficit as percentage of GDP [-4.6] (India [-4.3], China [1.6]] Interest Rates 3 months 9.92 (India 7.33, China 2.9) 10 years Govt Bonds (Discounted) 6.59 (India 4.13 , China 3.42) 14
  • CorruptionCorruption is the prime reason behind the economical unstableness.Corruption has spread into the world and has ruined the economy.Pakistan has been ranked at 42nd number among the most corrupt nations of the world.
  • UnemploymentUnemployment is a major social problem caused by poor economical system.Lack of funds followed by unorganized system and lack of new projects are causing unemployment worldwide.There are many reasons of unemployment like influx of machinery that has replaced manpower.Increase in population
  • Power Crises
  • Power Crises Power crises are affecting the economy of the world very badly.The power crisis is followed by decline in production and at the end the economy of the countries is affected badly.We are running short of fuel worldwide. All the countries are affected by the power crises.
  • Declining export 90 80 70 60 50 1st month 40 6th month 30 12th month 20 10 0 2000 2003 2006 2009
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