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  • 1. ConstructedLandscape GreenSpaceProposal Organicgardenwith recreationalspace ! Low En Huey Lee Yih Simpson Chin Darren Sia Lynette Law Tee Su Ann
  • 2. Content ! 1. Introduction 2. Site Analysis - 3. Concept Plan - 4. Master Plan - 5. Plant List - 6. Planting Plan - 7. Construction Details - 8. Maintenance Plan 9. Reference -
  • 3. Introduction ! For this module, we are required to select a 10mx10m site within the campus and do a site analysis. From the analysis, we will have to come up with a green space proposal for the site. My group and I have decided to work on the balcony at block D level 5. Our theme for this project is Organic garden with recreational space. Our balcony is actually shared with engineering students for them to carry out their projects, which are plantings. ! For this project we will make a dedicated space for them to carry out their projects. Gazebos for students to hangout and rest, several arch pergola with benches for students as walkways and resting area. The ground will be covered with plants that have incredible scent for a more refreshing environment. Two corners of the balcony will be replaced by two small Koi ponds where students can enjoy sh sighting. Lastly, trees will be planted to provide shade for students.
  • 4. Site Analysis We chose our site at the balcony of Block D, Level 5, which is at the end of corridor because of few reasons: - The site is near to classroom and corridor walkway, students are easy to access to the site - The floor consists more than 10 classrooms, which means there are lots of students passing by the site everyday - The space is empty and big, its very wasted if we do not plan to do anything there - From the site, people can see nice view, such as lake view ! ! a) Location Plan b) Site Plan ! !
  • 5. c) Bubble Diagram of Site ! d) Sun Orientation
  • 6. e) Existing Structure at Site ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! f) Panaroma View of Site
  • 7. g) Different View from Site East View: Corridor South View: Block E, Carpark ! West View: Lake, Commercial building North View: Block A, Block C, (Hostel, Hotel, Syopz Mall) Unisquare !
  • 8. h) View of Selected Site from Different Angles. View from corridor View from Syopz Mall ! View from Block E View from Block C !
  • 9. Conclusion of analysis about our site
  • 10. e) Problem & Solution from Site Problem 1 During the afternoon, when the sun is high above heads, it can be so hot that people actually sweat after 7 seconds of standing at the balcony. The balcony has nothing to provide shade, which makes the balcony hot and dry. Solution: By planting trees and plants at the balcony, it provides shade which makes it less humid and students can even hangout at the balcony in the afternoon. ! Problem 2 Engineering students do not have a proper place to carry out their experiments which are plantings. They have been putting pots of plants beside the staircase which takes up space for people to walk. Solution: We are dedicating a space for the engineering students so that they can carry out their experiments at proper settings and also there will be more spaces for people to walk. ! Problem 3 Nobody actually hangs out at the balcony because it has nothing there and its basically an empty space. The major problem here is space management. Solution: For this, we have added 2 large gazebos and also 2 arch pergolas so that students will be sheltered from the scorching sun as well as having places to sit. Beautiful fragrant ground covers were planted so that students will feel refreshed after breathing in the nice scent. Also, it helps students to relax. Beautiful plants are planted at the side so that students can admire the flowers during their free time. Lastly, 2 small Koi ponds are added to the balcony, so that students can admire the beautiful Koi fishes as well.
  • 11. Concept Plan a) Concept/Ideas Organic Roof Garden Recreational Area ! ! !
  • 12. Plant List ! ! oleina Celosia argentea ! ! Pinto peanut flower Clitoria Ternatea ! ! ! ! ! ! Artificial grass Gazania treasure flower ! ! Nymphaea odorata fragrant water lily flower
  • 13. Planting Plan ! Bedlines with a curvilinear form owed around the building corners and walkway. Located trees to create shade, block or frame views, and create spaces. Focal/anchor plants directed views and established a theme.
  • 14. Labels and Plant Schedule
  • 15. Costing ! Grand total: RM26918.60 Item Costing Quantity Wooden pavement RM400/m 16 RM6400 Cast-in-situ concrete pavement RM75/m 14 RM1050 Brick walls for fish pond RM800/m 8.96 RM7168 Koi fish RM500 to RM650 per fish 4 RM2000 Flower pot 24 inch RM115.50/piece 16 RM1848 Soil mixture RM60/m 5.45 RM327 Total RM18793 Eugenia Oleina RM20/m 15.5 RM310 Celosia Argenfea RM26.7/m 3 RM80.1 Arachispintoi-pinto peanut flower RM4.50/m 12 RM54 Clitoria Ternatea RM26.7/m 12 RM320.4 Bucida Variegated RM386 RM1443/Unit 18 batang RM6948 Gazania Treasure Flower RM26.7/m 3 RM80.1 Nymphea Odorata RM45/m 3 RM135 Zoysia Matrella Artificial grass RM33/m 6 RM198 Campanula Carpatica RM2 / packet Total RM8125.6
  • 16. Master Plan !
  • 17. Elevation View Perspective View
  • 18. Construction Detail 1) Planting 2) Pond
  • 19. Maintenance Plan There are various types of maintenance that has been taken into consideration for this site proposal. As this 10x10 m site provides a space for a recreational mixed organic garden, there will be elements such as gazebo, water feature and plants. There are a few elements from this site that does not require maintenance as the materials used will be maintenance free. Materials like polycarbonate sheet will be used for the roong of the gazebo; articial grass will be used as the ooring for mat grass; and recycled plastic benches will be used for the benches of the gazebo. All the listed materials above are cost-saving and maintenance free materials. Therefore, there is no maintenance cost for the materials mentioned. As for the remaining elements, plants are one of the main elements that need maintenance. The maintenance cost for plants or any ora on this site is shown in the gardening cost, material cost, and watering cost. The gardening cost includes the cost of pruning and trimming. Weeding cost is not included as articial grass is used. Materials cost indicates the cost of fertiliser, pest control and replacing dead plants. Besides that, there is also watering cost which is the cost of watering the plants and ora at the site proposed. Lastly, electricity cost is the cost which covers the electricity that is needed to generate all electrical appliances at the site proposed. The maintenance cost below is priced according to every 6 months. Therefore, the overall estimated cost for maintenance is RM6000 for every 6 months. ! !
  • 20. Maintenance cost RM/ 6 Months Gardening cost @RM200/month X 6 1200 Watering cost @RM60/month X 6 360 Material cost : 1. Fertilizer @RM200/month X 6 1200 2. Pest Control @120/month X 6 720 3. Replacing dead plants 3480 Electricity cost @RM70/month X6 420 Total 3900 Add Prot and overh