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  • Modern Presentations

    The new way to make themBy: Prof. E. Prez

  • PowerPoint has been on the market since early in 1990.

  • But presentations are still made following the original style.

  • However, there is a new trend in creating attractive presentations.

  • Presentations that capture the attention and focus on your message.

  • To obtain those results, use big images and less text.

  • But do not increase the image's original size, use them as they come.

  • Maximize the retention of a topic with related images.

  • Only one topic per slide. More than one topic is a call to distraction.

  • Avoid bullets, avoid paragraphs, skip unneeded phrases.

  • Bullets interfere with the message retention; see the endnote.

  • Use big letters; no Arial. Strive for vibrant text and harmonious colors.

  • Be different: use modern fonts -moderately.

  • No clipart, no videos, no sounds; only the essential.

  • The audience is not interested in reading.

  • Make crystal clear presentations. Skip external distracting elements.

  • Better make emotional presentations than intellectual ones.

  • The visual message is more appealing than the auditive message.

  • No tables nor obscure statistics.

    Better use numeric summaries.

  • Numbers are not important, what matter is their meaning.

  • Use photos from your smartphone. The personal touch is unforgettable.

  • Simplicity is hard to obtain, but it stays longer in our mind.

  • Images placed

    laterally leave more space for text.

  • The text written

    over the images

    enhances the sense

    of depth.

  • Color is good for

    keeping the

    attention, but can also distract.

  • Saturated black and

    white photos are

    more dramatic.

  • An unexpected

    photo is good for

    a presentation


  • This style of making presentations takes

    more time and

    requires more

    graphics manipulation.

  • Share your presentation on the

    Web. Many people

    can benefit from

    your contribution.

  • With this style,

    it is easy to

    create versions

    in other


  • Save your

    presentation as PDF. Many apps can read this format.

  • With Adobe

    Reader use

    the Ctrl+L keys for

    full screen


  • Want your message be remembered?Then make it to look different.

  • More ideas for presentations in:


  • Free photos for your



  • The Scientific Reason Why Bullets

    Are Bad for Presentations

  • Thanks.

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