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A class presentation with the topic of money talk in freshman's English class. It is designed to finish in 20 mins.

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3Things that you DONT know about moneyHello my name is Patrick it is quite a mix a nervous feeling and exciting to stand hereBut I am confident to host this presentation because I dont think you guys are familiar enough with paper we use everyday.

Well todays presentation will be divided into 3 sessions to introduce 3 things that you dont know about money.

Before the first session, lets play a funny quiz.1

USDSingapore DollarHKDCanada DollarThe first one is simple. Does anyone know which countrys currency it is?Obviously USD.2

Ireland Pound Australia DollarFrench FrancMorocco DirhamAnd the second one is a bit harder3

Tanzanian ShillingTunisian DinarSouth Africa RandThailand Baht

Brazil RealIndian RupeeSingapore DollarThailand Baht

Goes toPatrick-DollarHowThe

of the moneyReflectsThe

of the nationDesignCulture


National UNITYYes or No?The patterns of USD are all the presidents of America, like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson.

National Appreciation for Heroism

The U.S.

Hideyo NoguchiProminent doctor

Yukichi FukuzawaPhilosopher Founder of Keio University10,000 years ago

Money =

3,000 years ago

Money =

1,000 years ago

Money = 100 years later

Money = ??? HowThe The Finance


affectsA little SurveyHow many of you have bought things in TaoBaoon the Double 11 Day last year?

How often do you use online payment system?Statistics about Internet FinanceMore than 25,000,000 mobile payment request per dayIn 2013, times of mobile payment are 546% of 2012Double 11 Day in 2013, online payment exceeds 350,000,000,000 RMB; in 2012, this figure was 191,000,000,000 RMB

Experiment: Money in the AIRMoney is a piece of sound.Money is a piece of microwave.Money is a piece of information.Money is everything BUT something touchable.InternetFinance

Zero requirement

Mobile payment

Real-time reportingSelf-financial management

Can not be trackedLimited in quantityCan not be forgedEh, I am not a geekI have no idea about the Internet finance.Thats NOT true.

It is exactly youwho are promoting this revolution.

?HowCan buyHappinessMoney

What we are comparing with others nowadays...the amount of money we haveThe Money we haveThe Ability to use itWhat we often neglect isto compare the quantity of money we have and the Ability to use it properly