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4 Different Kinds of Fireplaces

4 Different Kinds of Fireplaces

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  • 4 Different Kinds of Fireplaces
  • Why Fireplaces? Fireplaces offer three benefits: 1. Romantic ambience 2. Decorative statement 3. Comfortable heat
  • #1 traditional
  • #1 traditional Burns firewood Fuel can be surprisingly expensive Can put out lots of pollution You need to keep a large amount of wood stockpiled, just in case Requires storage for the stockpile Woodsy scent
  • #2 Gas
  • #2 Gas Fuelled by gas No storage required Small chimney Gas scent is there, but faint Less mess
  • #3 coal
  • #3 coal Wide variety of sizes and looks Can be used as a focal dcor piece Produces good heat Fans can spread the heat throughout a room
  • #4 radiant
  • #4 radiant Most expensive heater (can cost thousands of dollars) Central location in the home Fired once a day, for a few hours Heats an entire house for a day Can cook pizza with it, along with other fire cooked foods
  • Why get a fireplace? If you already have a home heating system, you may not need a fireplace. Single-room heating can be more economical. Choose whats best for your home and situation.
  • Get a Fireplace Installed Consult a professional service to get your fireplace installed. Select the type of fireplace Select the room and location Select the appearance Enjoy!