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General FAQ’s Concerning Tree Services

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Makes a survey of the site, makes a report and checks the area for any problem areas before carrying on the process. From www.shiretreesurgeons.co.uk know some General FAQ’s Concerning Tree Services.

Text of General FAQ’s Concerning Tree Services

  • Introduction Tree services form an important part of an industry and environment preservation that concerns with services like: Tree transplantation Tree replanting and pruning Tree moving Deep root feeding Tree health care and Tree preservation
  • Are the trees protected? Trees may be declared as protected assets of the state or may come under the special conservation area. Generally, the state provides protection to trees that come under specific diameter and measures. The diameter can be 1.5 m above the ground and bigger than 7.5 m.
  • Is There a Requirement For Permission To Cut Down Any Protected Tree? Some trees are protected under the state and as noted above may come under the special conservation area, depending on the tree type or groups. A written permission may be required from the LPA or the authorities to carry out any cutting of the trees.
  • When is the permission not required to cut down the trees? Permission is not required to take from the authorities or the LPA if the trees have been dead or are in a dying state. If the trees are situated in a dangerous position, they can be transplanted to other safe areas.
  • Is It Crucial To Call A Professional Tree Service? When the trees were a part of home and backyard for a long time, and it becomes essential to transplant them elsewhere for any purpose, it becomes essential to call a professional service. When trees are big and may pose a danger to a property when cut, it becomes necessary to call a
  • Continue The professional trees services are experienced qualified and have the right tools to carry out the dangerous work. They are also insured in majority of the cases.
  • Are There Any Free Quotes Provided To The Client? Generally, when any customer inquires with the tree service about their professional work, a free quote regarding a specific tree service is provided to the clients. Some free consultation on the subject on hand is also provided by the tree services to their
  • When Can The Trees Cause Damage To The Property? As per the experts, trees can cause damage to a property when they grow very close to a property wall or the base of the trees starts exerting pressure on the wall. Trees may cause damage when they are situated on a wet soil that has more moisture. Trees, that are close to drains may cause a big damage to a home if situated very close and if their roots are deep and near the home.
  • What can the Initial tree services management consist of? After getting a tree inquiry from the client, the tree services makes a survey of the site, makes a report and checks the area for any problem areas before carrying on the process.
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