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Private mortgage lending is a great investment opportunity. Many people never think of themselves as the bank. But you can become a lender relatively easy. See why private mortgage lending is a viable alternative to conventional investing. You are in control…You can use your self directed IRA, Pension Plan, or 401k. Flexibility and easy in use; If you are tired of the stock market then try a new approach to real estate and investing.

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  • 1. Become a Private Lenderhttp://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com

2. Disclaimer This is not a public offering or invitation tosell securities or make an investment.Securities may only be offered or sold inthe state or states where they areregistered or under an exempt offering.http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 3. In Todays Economy has yourmoney been working for youorAre you currently working to make money?http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 4. The challenge in todays economy is to find lucrative deals whether it be stocks, bonds, and/or a money market account, anything with better returns than a CD.http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 5. Money is suppose to work for you justask Warren Buffet.http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 6. Not only do you want yourmoney to work for you, havingit secured by a tangible assetis even better...http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 7. Real Estate is a tangible asset.http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 8. Can be lucrative if purchased with the correct strategy.http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 9. Location is only one factor. Cash flow, emerging or stable market, and vacancy rates area few other things to consider.http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 10. Its time to capitalize on thecurrent economic conditionswith a tangible assethttp://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 11. Banks are adding REOS daily, with more propertys going back to the lenders, property values arefluctuating accordingly.http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 12. Creating a Buyers Markethttp://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 13. Take Action Get into the game Dont stand on the sidelines waiting forthe market to rebound. Have your money work for youhttp://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 14. What you will receive It is possible to earn 4% - 8% interestwith a tangible asset to be given:http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 15. Lenders Title Insurance policyhttp://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 16. Fire Insurance where you are listedas the mortgageehttp://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 17. After Repair Appraisal. This servesto protect you by ensuring that youare not lending more money thanthe fair market value of the securedreal property.http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 18. Benefits Reviewhttp://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 19. Benefit #1Investment will be secured by Real Estate with a maximum LTV of 70%http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 20. Benefit #2 Title Insurance, FireInsurance, An After RepairAppraisal, Transaction beingplaced in Escrow for aprofessional close, TermiteReport, Set-up with amortgage serving company.http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 21. Benefit #3After closing to receive Hazard insurance policy, Mortgage on the property, Promissory Note, Lender Title insurance. Plus the aforementioned from the start of the transaction.http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com 22. The Time is Now Have your money work for you instead ofthe other way around. Investment income can and often timesdoes out perform earned income. Just ask Donald Trump, Warren Buffet,George Soros, Peter Lynch, ThomasRowe Price and a host of others.http://www.BackedByRealEstate.Com