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Sb gwz-realtor program

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The Strongbrook Realtor Program presented by William Moore

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  • Potentially earn a 6-figure income Quit your job Bring financial freedom to others Be part of a team making a difference in the world Build a real estate portfolio with no money 46
  • There is no question that people will find out about this program. The only question is will they find out through youor through somebody else?
  • Who do you know that has a desire to create a more stable retirement and financial independence? is or was an active investor - real estate or otherwise? who isnt happy with the performance of their IRA or 401k?
  • Who do you know that is a(n)
  • For Investor Referral Partner (IBD) My Action Plan PSA (MAP PSA) Referral Compensation Program Real Estate Investing Franchise Online Business Center Free Wealth Club Membership (2 months) Unlimited Access to the Strongbrook REIC Power Team Unlimited Access to one-on-one Strongbrook REIC Coaching A personal Client Services Coordinator Unlimited Access to on-demand, online education and special reports. Unlimited Access to Intensive workshops and Wealth Summits Leadership Coaching For Referral Partner (IBD) Independent Business Developer (IBD) Real Estate Investing Franchise Referral Compensation Program Online Business Center Free Financial Analysis Leadership Training INCLUDES Home Study Kit (Real Estate or Personal Development) INCLUDES Home Study Kit (Real Estate or Personal Development) $99 Per Month $19.95 Per Month
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  • Follow Strongbrooks simple proven system with exactness for best results! Do your best to make a list of 250 people you know or more. Send out Strongbrooks Grand Opening invitation at least 4 weeks prior. Call every invitee and invite them to come to your Grand Opening at least 3 week prior. Call your RSVPs the week before and remind them to come. 14