Vision to values: How to build and scale your talent acquisition roadmap

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  • TA Roadmap

    Brendan BrowneVP, Global Talent Acquisition


  • The recruiting organization who figures out how to extract the value of the webs people data and

    how to build a recruiting team model that operationalizes at scale, will define the future of

    talent acquisition.


  • To design, build and share Best on Planet Recruiting


  • We are LinkedIn powering

    LinkedIn, revolutionizing the hiring experience


  • Building Blocks to TA Roadmap

    A Vision statement outlines where you want to be

    A Mission statement describes how you will get there

    Measurable, specific & realistic translations of the

    mission statement (i.e. words)

    An observable and measurable end

    result (i.e. number)

    Revisit TAs Vision1

    Revisit TAs Mission2

    Define our Strategic Objectives3

    Define our Goals4





  • TA Strategic Objectives


    Establish LinkedIn as the Employer of Choice for Diverse



    Be the Most Influential Recruiting

    Organization on the Planet


    Cultivate LinkedIn Brand Ambassadors

    Operations & Scale

    Enable On-Demand Data to

    Drive Insights and Productivity


    Create a Path for Accelerated

    Business Results

    LinkedIn on LinkedIn

    Be the Disruption in Recruiting

  • Strategic Objectives and GoalsEstablish LinkedIn as the Employer of Choice for Diverse Candidates.

    Hiring Manager Net Promoter Score (NPS) at or above X Engagement of X% in TA employee survey, with an NPS above X% 100% of TA socially sharing best practices

    0% cold contacts

    Be the Most Influential Recruiting Organization on the Planet

    Cultivate LinkedIn Brand Ambassadors

    Enable On-Demand Data to Drive Insights and Productivity

    Create a Path for Accelerated Business Results

    Be the Disruption in Recruiting

    NPS score at or higher for candidates not receiving offers than those receiving offers

    100% utilization of data to drive business insights,

    100% client meetings driven by data and insights

    Build a pipeline that reflects the addressable market of diverse talent for all roles

  • LinkedIn on LinkedIn

    I/E/F* Strategies Measurements

    F Implement clear TA strategy for every business unit and geo 100% implementation , customized by business unit and geo

    F Develop the LI Talent Brand 100% implementation of Talent Brand for every business unit and geo

    E Create Total Addressable Market (TAM) for key positions100% TAMs implemented yielding material increase and candidate response rate

    I Partner with Marketing, Product and Engineering to pilot, incubate, and share 25% of all LI Product Roadmap initiatives are inspired by TA and/or are piloted by TA

    I Drive warm outreach through LinkedIn Recruiters new Spotlight feature set 100% usage, yielding material increase and candidate response rate

    * Note: Innovation, Enhancement, Foundation

    Be the Disruption in Recruiting 0% cold contacts

  • Prioritization ApproachHIGH VALUE










    Big BetDouble down

    (choose selectively; get involved personally)

    Effort = High


    (invest time to eliminate)

    Effort = High at times

    Home RunDelegate

    (delegate to a star; watch execution closely)

    Effort = Medium

    Small WinDelegate

    (delegate and limit effort)

    Effort = Low

  • Impact Guidelines


    New process being introduced?

    Current process being modified?

    Manual process being automated?

    Automated process becoming manual?


    New system required to complete task?

    Updated version of an existing system?

    New capability or enhancement within an existing system?


    New program being introduced?

    Current program being modified?

    Old programs being removed?

    People New role needed? Change to

    existing role? Change in reporting

    structures and/or job description?

    Change in who executes a task?

    New skill set required? Change in frequency of work,

    volume of work, complexity of work (more or less)?

  • TA RoadmapHow We Execute Projects

  • 6 Rules of Engagement

    Unplug Technology

    Unplug. Close or silence all distracting technology

    RSVP and Commit

    RSVP to the meeting invite,

    and then commit to it

    Find Your Voice

    Embrace your fears and find

    your voice

    Take Action

    Leave meeting with an action


    Keep Focus

    Keep the goal in mind

    (Project X and today)

    Be the Coffee Effect (cascade down

    information, percolate information up, be the


    Be the Buzz

    1 2 3 4 5 6

  • TA Social Contract

    Dont Be a Spectator

    Company, Team, Self

    2We will not

    let each other fail

    3Decide and Go


    1 5


  • TA Roadmap Meeting ObjectiveMeeting Attendees Objective Frequency

    Quarterly Pulse Check (QPC) one for each pillar

    Brendan Browne TA Leadership Team (TALT) TA Management (TAM) PMO (Project Management

    Office) Leader PMO Project Manager

    Cross-functional meeting of all TALT pillar leads Review all Pillars within the Portfolio, and make trade-off,

    scoping, and approach decisions Quarterly 1.5 hours

    TA Roadmap Review Brendan Browne TALT (by Pillar) TAM (by Pillar) PMO Leader

    Discuss Recruiting priorities, in-flight and upcoming projects and partnerships with our business partners.

    Discuss dependencies, focus on change, communication, and enablement

    Monthly 2.5 hours

    Pillar Team TALT TAM Project Sponsor(s) PMO Project Manager

    Separate meeting of each pillar leadership team Discuss in-flight and upcoming projects for that specific pillar Steering committee guides project work, review and approve

    deliverables, resolve issues/risks, be change agents

    Monthly 2 hours

    Project Status Meetings TAM Project Sponsor(s) PMO Project Manager Project Team Members

    Meeting of all project team members (or representatives) Discuss project deliverable accomplishments and upcoming

    milestones Discuss risks, issues and cross-dependencies Make decisions on outstanding items

    Weekly 1 hour

  • Roles & ResponsibilitiesTA Roadmap Sponsor Brendan Browne

    Has ultimate decision, authority, and responsibility Approves changes to scope Provides additional funds for scope changes Approves deliverables

    Pillar Leader TALT Provides leadership in support of the pillar and supporting projects for that pillar Acts as vocal and visible champion, legitimizes the projects goals and objectives Resolves issues escalated by the project manager or project team leads

    PMO Leader N/A Facilitates discussions within the TALT to develop the TA Strategy and vision Develops and executions TA Roadmap operations Serves as Managing Partner for PMO team: provides consultative support, resolves issues, drives day-to-day

    execution of work

    Project Sponsor TAM

    Makes the business decisions for the project Works with Project Manager to identify required project team members, make resources available and mobilize

    project teams Creates and approves work products, deliverables and milestones Helps resolve project issues and risks

    Project Manager TA PMO

    Ensures that the Project Team completes the project on schedule and within scope Drives and supports project approach, methodology Provides status and progress updates Raises risks and issues Collaborates with other project managers to design cross-functionally and resolve issues within individual projects,

    within pillar team, or across pillar teams May supervise extra project resources

    Team Member TA Team Members (outside of PMO)

    Assigned full or part time to participate in project team activities to contribute to team deliverables Can be a mix of nomination or volunteer based on project needs For nomination: must be FTE and high performer

  • TA Roadmap Cadence

    April, 2015 May, 2015 June, 2015

    Week 1 Project Team Project Team Project Team

    Week 2 Project Team Project Team Project Team

    Week 3 Project TeamPillar TeamProject TeamPillar Team Project TeamPillar Team

    Week 4Project TeamTA Roadmap Review

    Project TeamTA Roadmap Review

    Project TeamQuarterly Pulse CheckQuartery TALT/TAM offsite

  • RAPID ModelRole Details


    Make a recommendation to the D Gather and assess relevant facts,

    relying on input from the Is Drive robust analysis to select among


    Agree Agree to the decision being made, or

    escalate disagreement if needed


    Makes the final decision and commits the org to action

    Provides single source of accountability Only one D


    Executes decisions once made, accountable for making decisions happen

    May also be an I


    Provide input, valuable expertise, experience or information to the R

    People who need to be consulted before the decision is made




    a decision or action

    Be accountable for performing a

    decision once made

    Formally agree on a recommendation

    - views must be reflected in final


    Provide input to a recomm