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PIRO - Ihr persönlicher Pipettierroboter

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The future in pipetting

Quality creates 600 x 515 x 470 mm Hardware Overview

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comDeck Layout Small outside measurements but much space inside

9 full size SBS plate positions

7 further accessory SBS plate and rack positions

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comDeck PositionsEnough space to set up 384 different samples without adding tips

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comPipetting Heads Pipetting heads can be exchanged within secondsPipetting Head 200, 1-channel with an optimal pipetting volume of 1 - 180 lPipetting Head 1000, 1-channel with a maximum volume of 1ml

Two heads are available

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comPipetting HeadsPipetting small volumes with 50l tips

The height of the PIRO allows for primary tubes to be used with 1ml tips

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comLevel SensingThe PIRO level sensor relies on pressure detection allowing the robot to automatically detect when the pipetting tip is reaching the liquid levelAdvantages

Ensures correct pipetting volumes

Use of non-conductive tips, cost reduction

Quality creates valueExamples to a variety of plates and racks on the PIROPIRO Plate Racks

TR-7H; 7 x 5ml tubes

TR-11A x 0.5/0.6 ml

TR-8F; 8 x 2/ 0.5 ml

TR-8C; 8 x 1.5 ml tubes

TR-8V; 8 x 2 ml tubes

TR-28A; 28 x 0.2 mlPIRO Tube Racks

96-well Rack (P100318)

Waste channel (P100322)

Tip Rack (P100317)

Waste Rack (P100321)

Plate Rack-1 (P100319)

Plate Rack-2 (P100417)

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comWaste Handling

wastechanneloutsidewaste boxinsidewaste bagwaste binwaste drawerWaste can be discarded inside or outside the PIRO

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comWaste HandlingWaste can be discarded inside or outside the PIRO

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comSpecials for a PIRO

as well for me?error free pipetting?precise in repeats? secure into 384-well plates?pipetting from a data base?permanent supervision of all pipetting steps?complete chain of data logging?

simple and fast by a PIRO!

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comSoftware

drag & drop

do it within minutes


Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comMoving PlatesPlates can be moved even after functions have been assigned

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comA simple set of sample information given by a text file like

Position Name for PCR 1 for PCR 2 5.A1 Probe 1 1 (yes) 1(yes) and translated into a pipetting operation determined by the template is imported by the PIRO software as a task list

Intelligent Pipetting

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comImport Data Sample Import

From CSV files

Barcode readingIntelligent pipetting

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comBarcode ReadingBarcode reading can be done for samples and plates

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comExport DataPIRO run data can be exported to various different file formats by simply using the function Reaction export. Save the file in the appropriate file format and import the information into the software of the desired real time instrument.

WellNameIdConc.Reaction 15.D1aa1110.515.D2bb2220.515.D3cc3330.515.D4dd4440.515.D5ee5550.515.D6ff6660.515.D7gg7770.515.D8hh8880.51

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comprecsion& accuracy

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comChecker Board Testing

The PIRO pipetting robot has extensively been tested using Checker Board setups. A checker board test is where positive and negative samples are run next to each other to verify no Cross-contamination

For such tests, various plate formats and real time instruments have been used, a few examples are shown below

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comChecker Board TestingTests have been performed using Reagent from CongenPositive and negatives samples could clearly be separated showing no cross contamination between samples and NTC

Rep. Ct Std.: 0.13Rep. Ct: 20.65Dev. Rep. Ct (95% CI) [20.60, 20.69]36 positive samples 36 NTCs

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comTesting small VolumesEven lower volumes down to 0.5l have been tested also showing that a high performance can be achieved with the PIRO. Tests below show replicates using12l + 3l (black), 14l + 1l (green), and 14.5l + 0.5l (red).Tests have been performed using 2 x SensiMix from Bioline

12l + 3l (8x)Rep. Ct Std.: 0.08Rep. Ct: 19.0114l + 1l (30x)Rep. Ct Std.: 0.11Rep. Ct: 20.7214.5l+0.5l (30x)Rep. Ct Std.: 0.14Rep. Ct: 21.21Result: Consistent results with low variation have been achieved over many runs

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comResults Pipetting The PIRO accurately pipettes replicates with high

precision and accuracy.

The PIRO can be used in the multi-dispensing mode

delivering accurate results and therefore saving time

and speeding up the pipetting operations

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comSpecial Hardware FeaturesDocumentationSpecial Software FeaturesUV decontamination procedure (optional)HEPA filter unit (optional)Sample normalization (also with imported data)axial (re-)calibration of all plates and racks by the userpre- and post-run reports available as PDF filesall operational steps and exceptions / warnings are recordedCSV export of reactions created by a run is possible

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comSafetyAuto switch to pause the PIRO when opening the lidInfo, warnings, error, and reminders when setting up a runLid to protect the user from harm, but also reagentsLevel sensing and mixing options for accurate pipettingTemplates to make sure the run is identical to previous runsCheck list before starting a runPre- and post run reports, password protectable documents

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comDocumentationPre- and post run reports including used components, pipetted volumes, software version, and all other executed processesImport and export of dataData logging over all steps in each pipetting project

Quality creates valuewww.dornier-ltf.comLow maintenance, low service costsNo pipetting errors, less repeatsCost Saving

Easy to use import and export functionsA perfect mate for BioRad CFX,Roche Light Cycler, RotorGeneand other brands as well


Quality creates

Thank you!

Quality creates value

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