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  • BusinessOpportunityOverviewProviding Opportunity. Delivering Value. Making a Difference.

  • Success as an ACN IBO is not guaranteed, but rather influenced by an individuals specific effort. Not all IBOs make a profit and no one can be guaranteed success as an ACN IBO. 2016. All Rights Reserved. Effective 1 April, 2016. See ACNs Compensation Plan Overview for Details. FOR USE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM ONLY.IMPORTANT NOTICE


  • E-COMMERCE / A GROWING INDUSTRY*Year-over-year revenue growth of and eBay Inc. from 2006 to 2015 (

  • GLOBAL ONLINE SHOPWHAT IF YOU COULD OWN A GLOBAL ONLINE SHOP?With a portfolio of different products and servicesOperating in 24 countries on 4 ContinentsAvailable in 15 languages Open 24 hours a day 7 days a weekWith a global online payment platformWithout having to manage inventory, shipping or returns

  • COMPANYInternational E-Commerce CompanyStarted in the USA January 199324 Countries on 4 Continents Over 700 Million in Revenue and GrowingMillions of Customers AcquiredFeatured in publications such as: SUCCESS from Home, Direct Selling News Europe, Inc Magazine & Fortune Magazine





  • COMPENSATIONPersonal and Retail CommissionsOverriding CommissionsPack BonusesOverriding Pack BonusesFast Start BonusesFIVE WAYS TO EARN MONEY:

  • PERSONAL COMMISSIONSEXAMPLEAcquire customers totalling 700 inmonthly commissionable salesthrough your Online Shop*See Products and Services listing for Commissionable Value (CV) for each product and service.Earn 20% RETAIL COMMISSIONon Wellness andPersonal Care product*Earn 20% on the COMMISSIONABLE VALUE ofthe Services*

    Earn 140 MonthlyEarn 1,680 Annually

  • OVERRIDING COMMISSIONSThe hypothetical examples used in this presentation are for illustrative purposes only and are not meant to imply that it is typical.ANNUAL INCOMEEXAMPLE 1EXAMPLE 2EXAMPLE 3MONTHLY INCOME350 PBV175 PBV110 PBV7,3003,6502,27587,60043,80027,300

  • BECOME A QUALIFIED TEAM TRAINER (QTT)255 PBV525 GBV470plus VATBUSINESS BUILDER PRODUCT PACK = 525 BV WHEN A NEW IBO PURCHASES A BUSINESS BUILDER PRODUCT PACK:Immediately becomes a Qualified Team TrainerReceives a personalised Online Shop to acquire customersHas product to TRY / SAMPLE / SELLHas the ability to earn overriding commissions

  • EARNED POSITIONS AND BONUSESSVPSENIORVICE PRESIDENTREGIONALVICE PRESIDENTRDREGIONALDIRECTOR175 PBV or110 PBV onAutoshipTEAMCOORDINATORETLETL175 PBV or110 PBV onAutoshipETLEXECUTIVETEAM LEADERETTETT110 PBV or70 PBV onAutoshipETTEXECUTIVETEAM TRAINER700 GBVQTTQTT2,800 GBV8,500 GBVMaximum 4,250 per legPack Bonus30 Pack BonusUP TO70 Pack BonusUP TO140 Pack BonusUP TO170 Pack BonusUP TO195 Pack BonusUP TO210 TCRVPPBV: Purchases of Products and Services by you or your customers.GBV: Your Personal Business Volume plus the PBV for each IBO in your organisation.ELIGIBLE FOR ANNUAL RETREATRefer to ACNs Compensation Plan Overview for QualificationsETL4301ETT in first 37 Dayswith 2,100 GBV9801ETL within first 37 DaysOVERRIDING COMMISSIONS PAST THE 7TH LEVEL1Limited Time Promotion - See ACNs Bonus Promotions document for more information.255 PBV525 GBV

  • TRAINING & SUPPORTLocal, Regional, and International Trainings