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    Twi$er for small businesses

    IT Courses Dorchester @itcoursesdorch


    Who are we? Trudy Ritsema Bitesize Training One 2 one IT training for small businesses

    Jane Askew Carers Connected One 2 one IT training for the over 50s

    Together we are: IT Courses Dorchester IT related workshops

    We are researchers of technology who love teaching!


    What we will cover What is TwiCer SeEng up an account Who to follow What to tweet When to tweet Network hours Time saving techniques Analysing your tweeIng!


    A word about social media It is social so be sociable It is not about just selling your services/products

    Its about engagement & telling your story


    What is Twitter? At its most basic, is a series of short (140 characters) online announcements or tweets

    A real-Ime informaIon network of what is happening right now in the world

    You can read or share informaIon instantly with people and businesses around the world


    A tweet Is a message posted on the plaVorm TwiCer It contains only 140 characters It can also contain video Photos (note these take up 22 characters so you only have 118 characters for text)


    Why should you be on Twitter? Because with over 500 million users, and 135,000 new

    users signing up every day Because it is quick we are all Bme poor! Because its the most widely used social network for

    customer service

    Because its an amazing research tool

    Because it is the best social media plaVorm for driving traffic to your website (apparently!)


    Start with a plan Want do you want from TwiCer?

    To see what compeItors are doing. To gain more customers. To research industry informaIon. To promote your product or services. To tell your story. To see what your customers are tweeIng about. To keep in touch with other small businesses. To see what is happening in Eastenders.



    Where are you using Twitter? Mobile app? Which app? Tablet app? The web on a computer? All?

    Note: TwiCer is slightly different on different devices.


    Setting up Twitter You will need:

    An email address A password

    A user name up to 15 characters: @TrudyRitsema or @itcoursesdorch Profile photo: a logo or photo of yourself? (recommended size are


    Header photo: a larger photo to engage your customers (recommended size are 1500x500 pixels)

    A bio: A short bit of text (160 characters) about your business. The text can be linkable and responds to hashtags and @menIons. Show personality.

    A locaIon: eg: Dorchester, Dorset

    Website link: as this will be linkable to your website.



    Write a killer Bio in 160 characters! Profile photo (you or your logo?) Website link What you do Show your personality Other social media accounts you are on how can people get in touch

    Keywords these are searchable Be creaIve use emojis, play with spacing


    Who to follow Industry influencers Customers PotenIal customers Local businesses / news / events CompeItors ? Other small businesses (like people here) Breaking news Suppliers



    Should you follow people back?

    Old school Yes it is polite to do so. What is your TwiCer goal? Is it worth you following them back?

    The more you follow the more Tweets you have to read!


    How many followers should I have?

    Dont get bogged down by the numbers. Is quality beCer than quanIty? Could it be said that if you have lots of followers then you must be tweeIng interesIng things?


    What to do with Tweets you get Read them. Like them (if you do!) Retweet them if you think you wish to share the tweet with your followers.

    Reply to a Tweet. Follow the link in the Tweet.



    Like a Tweet Likes are represented by a small heart. They are commonly used to show appreciaIon for a Tweet.

    You will be noIfied if someone likes your tweet.

    Any tweets you like are stored in one place so they act as bookmarks too!


    A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it isit is what consumers tell each other it is.

    ScoC Cook, the founder and CEO of Intuit

    The Followers


    Reasons why people follow you

    They love your brand

    To discover new things

    Find content interesIng or funny

    They can find you easily

    You liked their tweet

    You engaged with them


    What can I tweet about? A promoIon Behind the scenes of your business Helpful hints Something about your industry Q&As A quote A tesImonial you have been given A link to a page on your website Something funny! Show off achievements A selfie of what you are doing right now Coming soon news New products Something relevant to a trending hashtag A poll Show you are an expert in your field

    80% about your business 20% about




    What can you put in a tweet? Text(!) A menIon Hashtag(s) Link to a webpage Photo / video


    What is a mention? If you Tweet something and you want to bring it to somebodys aCenIon then use their TwiCer handle in your tweet

    This is good way to ask a quesIon to someone. (They receive noIficaIon)

    Eg: Hi @TrudyRitsema when is you next Instagram course?


    Demo: Lets Tweet!Look for the feather!


    The hashtags #


    What is a # ? Word or phrase (no spaces) beginning with a # Used to organise tweets by topic Click on a # to go to all the tweets about that topic

    You oren see # on TV programs, news arIcles, local events eg: #DWBGD (conference)

    They are a clickable link Can be placed anywhere in a tweet



    Add a link to a website A link to a website will take up lots of characters. So use a tool like to create a shortened link.




    Adding photos5


    Where to get images Use your own (free) Google check usage rights (paid)


    Demo: Adding a photo

    Change the filter on the photo

    Crop go widescreen! Magic wand!


    Tweet the same thing multiple times This will reach different followers as not everyone is on TwiCer at the same Ime

    When they do go on TwiCer they will have many Tweets to scroll through so may not get to yours you did that morning!


    Best times to tweet...apparently

    When people are commuIng - morning and evening Lunch breaks (12pm to 3pm) hCp://

    Howeverwhen are your

    followers online?



    Schedule a Tweet Simple, this has to be done via another app

    Eg: Hootsuite Get the app or hCps://




    Join in with Twitter networking #hours

    Industry relevant (eg weddinghour) Local #hours (eg: #dorsethour)

    When are the hours? #Dorsethour every Monday 7:30pm to 8:30pm

    A full list at: hCp://



    Create Lists To categorise your followers Can be private or public Use lists to group people you follow by type Eg: CompeItors, industry experts, customers, local, personal


    Use the cog to add people to lists


    Ideas of lists Suppliers list Event organizaIon and management CompeItors List Extraordinary Customers Users who Retweet You Your Favourite ConversaIonalists Industry Players Prospects Dorset people


    Do at home! How to set up a list on Twitter

    Log onto TwiCer via Click on your profile pic and choose LISTS Choose CREATE A NEW LIST Name the list, add a descripIon and choose if you want the list to be private or not Search for people you wish to add to your list Click on the COG and choose ADD TO LIST Choose the LIST you wish to add them (there is no save buCon so just click the cross to close the

    window) Repeat the above to add more people to your list

    To view all the Tweets from people on a list do the following: Click on your profile pic and choose LISTS Click on the LIST and you will now see all the Twe