Multiple Connectivity Framework Keynote

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Multiple Connectivity Framework Keynote

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  • Multipeer Connectivity Framework allenlinli 2014.4.10
  • FireChat
  • FireChat
  • Wireless mesh networking Peer-to-peer connections: infrastructure Wi-Fi networks peer-to-peer Wi-Fi Bluetooth personal area networks
  • Pros & Cons Pros Without an internet connection Location-based communication (nearby) Cons Sessions currently support up to 8 peers Data transfer is slow especially on Bluetooth Can not cross networks in single connection Not support background mode
  • Sending & Receiving Information Messages: Text or small serialised objects (NSData) Streams: Audio, video, or real-time sensor events Resources: Images, movies, or documents.
  • Build up Connection
  • Steps PeerID Session Advertise Browser Accept
  • _peerID = [[MCPeerID alloc] initWithDisplayName:displayName]; _session = [[MCSession alloc] initWithPeer:_peerID]; _session.delegate = self;
  • _advertiser = [[MCAdvertiserAssistant alloc] initWithServiceType:@"chat-files" discoveryInfo:nil session:_session]; [_advertiser start]; _browser = [[MCBrowserViewController alloc] initWithServiceType:@"chat-files" session:_session];
  • Data Transfer
  • [_appDelegate.mcManager.session sendData:dataToSend toPeers:allPeers withMode:MCSessionSendDataReliable error:&error];
  • Bluetooth Bluetooth (Bonjour over Bluetooth) Multipeer Connectivity BLE/Bluetooth 4.0 advertisement Bluetooth Classic WiFi Multipeer Connectivity WiFi Direct 250 Mbps 35-50 Mbps AirDrop Adhoc WiFi 11 Mbps Mac AirDrop 18 Mbps ( Wi 4 Mbps)
  • Resources
  • Tutorials connectivity-framework-ios-programming/ multipeer-connectivity-framework-project-setup-- mobile-23071